HLW, TRU, LLW/ILW, Mixed, Hazardous Wastes & Environmental Management

February 24 -28, 2008
Phoenix, Arizona

2008 Theme - Phoenix Rising: Moving Forward in Waste Management

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Session 01


Session 02

Hot Topics in US DOE Environmental Management

Session 03A

Nuclear Renaissance and a Sustainable Fuel Cycle

Session 03B

Outcome of US NRC LLW Strategic Assessment

Session 04

Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization for LLW, ILW, & MW

Session 05

Yucca Mountain - Views from Around the Mountain

Session 06

Uranium Mining and Milling, Ores and Byproducts

Session 07A

US DOE Idaho National Laboratory - Site Cleanup Accomplishments and Challenges

Session 07B

US DOE Idaho National Laboratory - Advanced Fuel Cycle Waste Management Challenges and Issues - A National Laboratory, Industry and US NRC Perspective

Session 08

Radioactive Waste Management in the Post Boomer Era - The National Security Problem - New Realities, New Challenges, New Solutions

Session 09

US DOE Yucca Mountain Update: High Level Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal

Session 10

Critical Issues in Yucca Mountain Transportation

Session 11

Hot Topics and Emerging Issues in US Commercial Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management

Session 12

Selected Topics in LLW Management

Session 13

European Experience in Nuclear Power Plant WM

Session 14

Advanced Use of D&D Funds for the Transportation and Disposal of Large Component Legacy Waste

Session 15

Worldwide Perspectives on Radioactive Waste

Session 16

D&D of Nuclear (Non-Power Generating) Facilities

Session 17

US Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP)

Session 18

Underground Research Laboratories and Demonstration Facilities: An Update

Session 19

Siting of GNEP Facilities for a Consolidated Fuel Treatment Center and/or an Advanced Burner Reactor

Session 20A

HLW Waste Treatment

Session 20B

HLW Storage, Monitoring and Modeling

Session 20C

HLW/TRU Miscellaneous Topics

Session 21

The US DOE - EM Engineering and Technology Program

Session 22

The Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) and Beyond

Session 23

Joint Ventures and Teaming Arrangements for Federal Contracting Opportunities

Session 24

Working Safely in Hazardous Environments

Session 25

D&D of US DOE Facilities

Session 26

Environmental Remediation Post Closure Challenges and Long Term Stewardship

Session 27

WM2008 Featured Environmental Remediation Technical Challenges - Deep Vadose Zone Characterization and Treatment

Session 28

Operating Experience and Progress in Conditioning, Storage and Disposal of HLW and SNF

Session 29

Nuclear Power Plant WM - Commercial LLW Disposal Issues

Session 30

Nuclear Power Plant WM - Commercial LLW Fixed Based Processors

Session 31

Complex Technical Issues Requiring Excellent Communications for Success

Session 32

Emerging Treatment Technologies for LLW, ILW, Mixed Waste, NORM and TENORM

Session 33

Perspectives and Practices in Packaging & Transportation

Session 34A

Techniques for the Transfer of Information to Future Custodians

Session 34B

Roundtable: International Youth Nuclear Congress / Young Professionals

Session 35A

Security, Safety & Safeguards

Session 35B

Nuclear Power Plant WM Issues

Session 35C

Programmatic / Regulatory Issues for LLW

Session 35D

Emerging Treatment Technologies

Session 35E

Treatment, Storage and Disposal of LLW and ILW

Session 35F

LLW General Issues

Session 36

Emerging Issues with DOE Prime Contracts

Session 37

Operating Experience in the Treatment and Storage of LLW, ILW, Mixed Waste, NORM and TENORM

Session 38

Programmatic, Regulatory and Statutory Issues and Solutions for LLW, ILW, Mixed Waste, NORM and TENORM

Session 39

Nuclear Power Plant Liquid and Wet Waste

Session 40

Worldwide Challenges in TRU/Long-Lived Alpha Radionuclides WM

Session 41

Vitrification Experience and Glass Characterization for HLW

Session 42

Application of Innovative D&D Technologies

Session 43

Innovative Field Monitoring for Environmental Remediation

Session 44

High Interest Aspects of Radioactive Materials Packaging and Transportation

Session 45

Worldwide Education and Training Efforts to Ensure Knowledge Transfer and Future Skills

Session 46

Bridging the Gap between Technical and Social Aspects of Risk through Communication, Participation and Education

Session 47

Worldwide Management of Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources (DSRS)

Session 48A

Soils and Ecosystem Management at Remediation Sites

Session 48B

Legacy Site Transition and Monitoring

Session 48C

Hanford Environmental Remediation Challenges

Session 48D

Community Involvement and Optimization for Remedial Design and Monitoring

Session 49

US DOE Procurement and Contracting Opportunities

Session 50

US DOE Prime Contractors' Procurement and Contracting Opportunities

Session 51

ER Pre-Closure Challenges

Session 52

Worldwide WM Regulatory and Oversight Cross-Cutting Program Update

Session 53

HLW and SNF - Process Technologies and Operations

Session 54

Waste Characterization Methodology I

Session 55

Performance of Disposal Systems, Facilities and Sites for LLW, ILW, Mixed Waste, NORM and TENORM

Session 56

New Nuclear Power Plant - Radioactive Waste Systems and Design

Session 57

Nuclear Power Plant Dry Waste

Session 58

Operating Experience and Progress at the Hanford Reservation, Idaho National Laboratory and Savannah River Sites

Session 59

Status and Plans at the US DOE Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) - I

Session 60

Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Development and Application of New D&D Technologies

Session 61

Environmental Remediation Progress Towards Closure of Contaminated Sites

Session 62

Post RDD Event Urban Reoccupancy

Session 63

Achieving Consensus of Stakeholders - Cultural, Community and Equity Issues

Session 64A

D&D Progress

Session 64B

D&D Technology and Planning

Session 64C

Packaging & Transportation Issues

Session 65

Opportunities in the UK with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

Session 66

Worldwide Technical Innovations in HLW Treatment

Session 67

Global Advances in Repository Science & Engineering

Session 68

D&D of Nuclear Power Plants

Session 69

Communicating Risks from Industrial Releases and Natural Disasters and Nuclear Industry Decision Analysis

Session 70

Waste Optimization During D&D

Session 71

Status and Plans at the US DOE Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) - II

Session 72

US DOE Site Implementation of 311 / Remote Handled TRU Waste Permit Modifications

Session 73

Progress in the Closure of HLW Storage Tanks at US DOE Sites

Session 74

Hot Topics, Issues and Analysis in Transporting Radioactive Materials

Session 75

Waste Characterization Methodologies - II

Session 76A

LLW/ILW Acceptance, Certification and Disposal

Session 76B

Disposition of DOE High Activity Mixed Waste - What Capacity Do We Really Need

Session 77

Technical Innovations in Environmental Remediation and Site Closure

Session 78

Solutions to Groundwater Remediation Challenges

Session 79

Security and Consequence Management

Session 80

Projects in Progress

Session 81

New Plant Designs - Nuclear Renaissance

Session 82

DOE NNSA Programmatic EIS for the Transformation of DOE Nuclear Weapon's Complex

Session 83

Federal Government Contract Capture Workshop

Session 84

US DOE - Energy Facility Contractors Group's Knowledge Portal (EFCOG) Review

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