HLW, TRU, LLW/ILW, Mixed, Hazardous Wastes & Environmental Management

February 24 -28, 2008
Phoenix, Arizona

2008 Theme - Phoenix Rising: Moving Forward in Waste Management

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Session 77 - Technical Innovations in Environmental Remediation and Site Closure




Del Baird, CDM (USA)
James Fiore, US DOE (USA)




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Phytoextraction of Cs and Sr Natural Abundance Isotopes by Indian Mustard (Brassica Juncea) and the Resulting Physiological Changes - 8105
Yi Su, Mississippi State University (USA); B.B. Maruthi Sridhar, Mississippi State University (USA); Fengxiang X. Han, Mississippi State University (USA); David L. Monts, Mississippi State University (USA); Susan V. Diehl, Mississippi State University (USA)  


Uranium Plume Treatability Demonstration at the Hanford Site 300 Area: Development of Polyphosphate Remediation Technology for In-Situ Stabilization of Uranium - 8070
Dawn Wellman, PNNL (USA); Eric Pierce, PNNL (USA); Emily Richards, PNNL (USA); Kent Parker, PNNL (USA); John Fruchter, PNNL (USA); Vince Vermeul, PNNL (USA)  


In-Situ Uranium Stabilization through Polyphosphate Injection: Pilot-Scale Treatability Test at the 300 Area, Hanford Site - 8187
Vince Vermeul, PNNL (USA); John Fruchter, PNNL (USA); Brad Fritz, PNNL (USA); Rob Mackley, PNNL (USA); Dawn Wellman, PNNL (USA); Mark Williams, PNNL (USA)  


Assessment of Soil Moisture and Fixatives Performance in Controlling Wind Erosion of Contaminated Soil at the Hanford Site - 8264
Leonel Lagos, Florida International University, Applied Research Center (USA); Ravi Gudavalli, Florida International University ARC (USA)  


Effectively Managing Risks of Contaminated Sediments - 8309
Danny Reible, University of Texas (USA)  



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