HLW, TRU, LLW/ILW, Mixed, Hazardous Wastes & Environmental Management

February 24 -28, 2008
Phoenix, Arizona

2008 Theme - Phoenix Rising: Moving Forward in Waste Management

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Session 07B - US DOE Idaho National Laboratory - Advanced Fuel Cycle Waste Management Challenges and Issues - A National Laboratory, Industry and US NRC Perspective

This panel focused on waste management challenges and issues of the future as they pertain to new nuclear energy programs such as the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) and other advanced fuel cycle program activities.


Dirk Gombert, Idaho National Laboratory (USA)
Elizabeth Sellers, US DOE (USA)


Panel Report



Dorothy Davidson, AREVA Federal Services (USA) View Presentation

Alan Dobson, EnergySolutions (USA) View Presentation

Kathryn Mccarthy, Idaho National Laboratory (USA) View Presentation

Mark Peters, Applied Science and Technology (USA) View Presentation



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