HLW, TRU, LLW/ILW, Mixed, Hazardous Wastes & Environmental Management

February 24 -28, 2008
Phoenix, Arizona

2008 Theme - Phoenix Rising: Moving Forward in Waste Management

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Session 03A - Nuclear Renaissance and a Sustainable Fuel Cycle

This panel focused on the potential nuclear renaissance in a number of countries. Associated with new nuclear construction is the requirement for front-end fuel supply and back-end waste management. There are once-through and recycling options to be considered, with key factors relating to sustainability, and environmental health and safety. Following a short introductions by the panelists, there was an open discussion.


John Mathieson, NDA (United Kingdom)
Mark Matthews, Matthews, Inc (USA)


Panel Report



Hans Codee, COVRA NV (Netherlands) View Presentation

David Hayes, UK NDA (United Kingdom) View Presentation

Piero Risoluti, ENEA (Italy) View Presentation

Sylvain Saint-Pierre, World Nuclear Association (United Kingdom) View Presentation



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