HLW, TRU, LLW/ILW, Mixed, Hazardous Wastes & Environmental Management

February 24 -28, 2008
Phoenix, Arizona

2008 Theme - Phoenix Rising: Moving Forward in Waste Management

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Session 03B - Outcome of US NRC LLW Strategic Assessment

This panel focused on the outcome and recommendations of the US NRC Strategic Assessment of its LLW program. The panel discussed the outcomes of the Assessment and reviewed key policy and operational issues related to ensuring a stable, safe and cost-effective LLW disposal process for the United States. The panel also addressed the issue of waste capacity into the future.


Larry Camper, US NRC (USA)
John Greeves, Talisman International, LLC (USA)




Ralph Andersen, Nuclear Energy Institute (USA) View Presentation

Larry Camper, US NRC (USA) View Presentation

Scott Flanders, US NRC (USA) View Presentation

Christine Gelles, US DOE (USA) View Presentation

James Kennedy, US NRC (USA)

James Shaffner, US NRC (USA)

Ryan Whited, US NRC (USA)



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