HLW, TRU, LLW/ILW, Mixed, Hazardous Wastes & Environmental Management

February 24 -28, 2008
Phoenix, Arizona

2008 Theme - Phoenix Rising: Moving Forward in Waste Management

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Session 45 - Worldwide Education and Training Efforts to Ensure Knowledge Transfer and Future Skills




Robert Berry, Foxfire Scientific (USA)
James Hylko, Paducah Remediation Services, LLC (USA)




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A Strategy for Skills to Meet the Demands of Nuclear Decommissioning and Clean Up in the UK - 8479
Melanie Brownridge, NDA (United Kingdom); Nigel Couzens, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (United Kingdom); Brian Ensor, NDA (United Kingdom); Ian Hudson, UK NDA (United Kingdom)  


Renewing Skills in Nuclear R&D - Opportunities Arising from the UK's Formation of a National Nuclear Laboratory - 8126
Andrew Jeapes, Nexia Solutions (United Kingdom); Graham Fairhall, Nexia Solutions (United Kingdom); Huw Morgan, Nexia Solutions (United Kingdom)  


Design and Implementation of an International Training Program on Repository Development and Management - 8076
Kay Vugrin, SNL (USA); Chad A. Twitchell, Sandia National Laboratories Carlsbad Programs Group (USA)  


Training Activities on Radioactive Waste Management at Moscow SIA "Radon": Experience, Practice, Theory - 8164
Olga Batyukhnova, SIA Radon (Russia); Artur Arustamov, SIA Radon (Russia); Michael Ojovan, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom); Zoran Drace, IAEA (Austria); Sergey Dmitriev, SIA Radon (Russia); Valentina Agrinenko, State Unitary Enterprise Moscow SIA Radon (Russia)  



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