logosm2007 Waste Management Symposium

Global Accomplishments in Environmental and Radioactive Waste Management:
Education and Opportunity for the Next Generation of
Waste Management Professionals

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Conference Sessions



Session 01

Plenary: Education & Opportunity for the Next Generation of WM Professionals

Session 02

Panel: Views from Inside the DOE -- A session with Senior DOE Managers on Cleanup, Radwaste Management, D&D, Safety, Contractor Performance and Procurement

Session 03

Global Partnership: Spent Fuel Management from the User's Perspective

Session 04

Preserving Worldwide Nuclear Competency - Where Education, Institutional Knowledge and Industry Meet

Session 05A

The Hanford Site - An Update of Challenges and Accomplishments

Session 05B

DOE/EM Project Management and Operational Experience

Session 06

US Department of Energy Yucca Mountain Update: High Level Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal

Session 07

Critical Issues for Yucca Mountain Transportation

Session 08

Worldwide Perspectives of Radioactive Waste Management

Session 09

Hot Topics and Emerging Issues in United States Commercial Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management

Session 10

Selected Topics in Low-Level Waste Management

Session 11

Decommissioning & Decontamination of Nuclear (Non-power) Facilities

Session 12

Environmental Remediation Progress toward Closure of Contaminated Sites

Session 13

US Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) and US Army Corps of Engineers Projects

Session 14

The Value of Communication in Technical Issues

Session 15

Does the Role of Public Participation Programs Change as US DOE's Sites Change Missions and Move Closer to Closing?

Session 16A

Topic A: Crosscutting Issues

Session 16B

Topic B: High-level Waste Forms

Session 16C

Topic C: High Level Waste Modeling

Session 16D

Topic D: High Level Waste Pilot-Scale Developments and Transmutation

Session 16E

Topic E: High Level Waste Chemical Processing

Session 16F

Topic F: Transuranic & Long-Lived Alpha Radionuclides

Session 16G

Topic G: Security, Safety and Safeguards

Session 17

Application of Complex-Wide Lessons Learned in Planning and Executing Future US Department of Energy Cleanups

Session 18

Consequence Management of a Radiological Dispersion Device (RDD)

Session 19

Radiological Incident Event Tools: Detection and Protection

Session 20

Nuclear Power Plant Waste Management - Disposal Issues

Session 21

Power Plant Waste Management - Processor Issues

Session 22

High Level Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel Policy and Management -Integrated Fuel Cycle

Session 23

Emerging Treatment Technologies for LLW, ILW and MW

Session 24

Waste Optimization/Minimization during D&D

Session 25

ER Post Closure and Long Term Stewardship

Session 26

Perspectives and Practices in Packaging and Transportation

Session 27

Disposition of Transuranic Waste and Plutonium

Session 28

Characterization of Transuranic Waste

Session 29

Performance Assessment of Geological Disposal Systems

Session 30A

Topic A: LLW/ILW Treatment

Session 30B

Topic B: LLW/ILW Performance Assessment

Session 30C

Topic C: LLW/ILW Measurement Techniques

Session 30D

Topic D: LLW/ILW Program Status and Operating Experience

Session 30E

Topic E: NPP Radioactive Waste Management

Session 31

River Corridor Closure Project Progress

Session 32

US DOE Site Decontamination and Decommissioning

Session 33

Nuclear Power Plant Dry Waste

Session 34

Nuclear Power Plant Liquid & Wet Waste

Session 35

Technical Innovations in Tank Waste Treatment

Session 36

High Level Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel Operating Technology

Session 37

High Level Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel Treatment Technologies

Session 38

Performance of Disposal Systems for LLW, ILW and MW

Session 39

New Developments in Transportation Operations

Session 40

TRU Waste Projects at WIPP and US DOE Waste Generator Sites

Session 41

Incident Command, Interagency Communication and Consequences

Session 42

Radiological Dispersion Device Decontamination and Recovery

Session 43

Modeling Contaminant Transport from Disposal Facilities

Session 44

Roundtable: International Young Professionals

Session 45A

Topic A: Environmental Remediation (ER)

Session 45B

Topic B: Uranium Ores & By-products, NORM & TENORM

Session 45C

Topic C: Public Communication, Participation, Education and Training

Session 46

US DOE Contractor's Procurement and Contracting Opportunities

Session 47

US Federal Procurement and Contracting Opportunities - Cancelled due to Panelists Travel Restrictions

Session 48

US Department of Energy Legacy Tank Waste Incidental to Reprocessing (WIR)

Session 49

Progress in Closure of Radioactive Liquid High Level Waste Tanks

Session 50

Reducing Technical Risks in US Department of Energy Environmental Management Projects

Session 51

Working Safely in Hazardous Environments

Session 52

Yucca Mountain - Perspectives from Around the Mountain

Session 53

Vitrification Experience and Glass Characterization for HLW

Session 54

Programmatic, Regulatory, and Statutory Issues and Solutions for LLW, ILW, MW and HW

Session 55

Waste Certification and Disposal

Session 56

ER Pre-Closure Challenges - Using Risk Data and Considering Future Land Use

Session 57

Achieving Stakeholder Consensus - Cultural, Community and Equity Issues

Session 58

Worldwide Management of Spent and Disused Radioactive Sealed Sources

Session 59

Uranium Ores and By-products - NORM and TENORM

Session 60A

Topic A: D & D Planning

Session 60B

Topic B: D & D Technologies

Session 60C

Topic C: Progress in Completing D & D Projects

Session 60D

Topic D: Packaging and Transportation

Session 61

US DOE Procurement and Contracting Opportunities

Session 62

Opportunities in the UK with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)

Session 63

US Disposition Issues for Orphan-and High Activity Mixed Waste Streams

Session 64

Nuclear Power Plant D&D

Session 65

Regulatory Issues Related to Radioactive Liquid Waste Tank Closure

Session 66

Global Advances in Repository Sciences and Engineering

Session 67

Operating Experience in the Conditioning, Storage or Disposal of HLW and SNF

Session 68

Waste Characterization for Low Level Waste, Intermediate Level Waste and Mixed Waste - Part 1

Session 69

Technical Innovations in Environmental Remediation and Site Closure

Session 70

Transportation Packaging, Analysis and Testing

Session 71

Worldwide Education and Training Efforts to Ensure Knowledge Transfer and Future Skills

Session 72

Communicating Risk

Session 73

Posters: Projects in Progress

Session 74

Waste Management at US DOE National Security Administration Sites

Session 75

World Wide Waste Management Regulatory and Oversight Crosscutting Programs Update

Session 76

Application of Innovative D&D Technologies

Session 77

Innovative Field Monitoring for Environmental Remediation

Session 78

Current Topics and Issues in US Packaging and Transportation

Session 79

Waste Characterization for Low Level Waste, Intermediate Level Waste and Mixed Waste - Part 2

Session 80

Technical Innovations in DOE Tank Waste Retrieval and Treatment