logosm2007 Waste Management Symposium

Global Accomplishments in Environmental and Radioactive Waste Management:
Education and Opportunity for the Next Generation of
Waste Management Professionals

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01 - Plenary: Education & Opportunity for the Next Generation of WM Professionals


The WM'07 Plenary Session will feature world leaders speaking on the pressing issues facing Waste Management in 2007 and beyond. Panelist are James Rispoli, Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management, US Department of Energy (USA); Claes Lindberg, Chairman, SKB International Consultants AB, Sweden; and Dale Klein, Chairman, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USA).




Fred Sheil , British Nuclear Group (UK)
James Gallagher, Gallagher Consulting (USA)

Panel Report



Mark Frei, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Business Operations. DOE EM
(representing James Rispoli who was unable to attend)

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Claes Lindberg, President, SKB International Consultants

Dale Klein, Chairman, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission