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Global Accomplishments in Environmental and Radioactive Waste Management:
Education and Opportunity for the Next Generation of
Waste Management Professionals

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05B - DOE/EM Project Management and Operational Experience


The focus of this panel is to share the operational experiences of construction, cleanup, and closure projects at DOE EM sites. The projects covered in the panel are the ones selected for presentations at the last five monthly DOE/EM Field Office Managers' Video Tele-Conference. Panel discussions will follow summary-level brief overviews of the projects and experience gained at the Rocky Flats Closure Project, Ohio Closure Projects, Savannah River Construction Projects, the Idaho Sodium-Bearing Waste Treatment Facility and the Hanford River Corridor Cleanup Project. These overviews will focus on safety, acquisition strategy & contract management, regulatory compliance, technology, engineering design & construction, funding and resources, and communications. Panelists will include Dr. Ines Triay, Chief Operating Office of DOE/EM, and Field Office Managers and/or Federal Project Directors of the EM projects/facilities.




Chuan-Fu Wu , US DOE (USA)
Frazer Lockhart, USE DOE - Rocky Flats (USA)

Panel Report



Kevin Bazzell, DOE Federal Project Director, River Corridor Project, WA
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Joel Case, DOE Federal Project Director, Sodium Bearing Waste Project, ID
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Frazer Lockhart, DOE Manager, Rocky Flats Project Office, CO
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Johnny Reising, DOE Fernald Closure Project Director, OH
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Sherri Robinson, DOE Director, Office of Safety & Quality Assurance, Savannah River Site, SC
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