logosm2007 Waste Management Symposium

Global Accomplishments in Environmental and Radioactive Waste Management:
Education and Opportunity for the Next Generation of
Waste Management Professionals

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04 - Preserving Worldwide Nuclear Competency - Where Education, Institutional Knowledge and Industry Meet


This panel/paper session will focus on the discussion of universities producing students with a nuclear engineering background, and the end-users (industry and government) that hire them. Discussion topics include following: Is the nuclear industry producing and receiving the technical resources for the next generation? How can industry and universities collaborate to solve the problems of each? Are universities teaching the material required for commercial application? Is your organization able to recruit personnel with the required nuclear expertise? What skill mix is needed? What are your organization's projected needs for nuclear engineers over the next ten years? What is the role of universities and what is the role of private educational organizations? Can we get by with&supplemental nuclear science courses or do we need more of the traditional nuclear-engineering degrees from our universities? Panelists include: Shirley Gill, AREVA NP; Kevin Kostelnik, Idaho National Laboratory; George Bereznai, University of Ontario Institute of Technology; Mark Landry, Fluor; Jim Clarke, Vanderbilt; Robert Dyer, US EPA; and John Till, Risk Assessment Corporation.




Tjalle Vandergraaf, Providence College (Canada)
Ian Hamilton, Foxfire Scientific (USA)

Panel Report



Shirley Gill, AREVA NP Inc., Lynchburg, VA
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Kevin M. Kostelnik, CAES, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls. ID
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George Bereznai, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, ON
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Mark Landry, Fluor, Irving, TX

James Clarke, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
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John Till, Risk Assessment Corporation, Neeses, SC