B U I L D I N G G L O B A L T R U S T I N D E C O M M I S S I O N I N G & R A D I O A C T I V E W A S T E M A N A G E M E N T 6 2017 Roy G. Post Student Scholarship Recipients Steven Cheng Rutgers University Steven Cheng is an undergraduate student studying Materials Science and Engineering at Rutgers University. Steven works as a research assistant in Professor Ashutosh Goel’s group understanding chemical dissolution of sodium borosilicate glasses and composition-structure-property relationships funded by the U.S. Department of Energy for nuclear waste management. Steven hopes to pursue high level education and continue doing materials research for sustainable energy management in graduate school and beyond. When Steven is not working in the laboratory, he likes to play piano, go swimming, travel to new places, hang out with friends, and try new things. Nathan Gale University of New Mexico Nathan Gale graduated from Belén High School in central New Mexico in 2012. That fall he accepted the Command Leadership Scholarship at Detachment 510 of Air Force ROTC to study nuclear engineering at the University of New Mexico. From May 2013 to June 2015, he took a leave of absence to serve as a proselyting missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in southern Mexico. Since August 2015, he has continued studying while taking on leadership roles in ROTC. Last June he began work as a lab assistant for Dr. Adam Hecht whose research focuses on radiation detection and environmental effects of radiation. Upon commissioning in the Air Force, Nathan plans to attend the Air Force Institute of Technology to earn a master’s degree in nuclear engineering. He hopes to work in nuclear non-proliferation and waste management in his future. Alejandro Hernandez Applied Research Center - Florida International University Alejandro Hernandez is currently an undergraduate student at Florida International University (FIU) pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry. Mr. Hernandez is now in his senior year and has an expected graduation date of May 2017. His areas of interest include chemical engineering, environmental chemistry, and remediation technologies that can be applied to multiple contaminates in the environment. After graduation, he plans to further his education in the field of chemistry by pursuing a Ph.D. Mr. Hernandez is currently working under the mentorship of Dr. Yelena Katsenovich and Dr. Vasileios Anagnostopoulos on fate and transport of radionuclide in diverse environments. His current projects support national labs such as Savannah River and Hanford. Martina Jorgensen — UNITED KINGDOM University of Manchester Martina Jorgensen is currently in her second year of study for a Master’s degree in mathematics and physics at the University of Manchester. Founder and President of the Nuclear Physics Society (NPS) where she collects and inspires like-minded students to learn about Nuclear Physics and its potentials in Industry and technology by hosting seminars on a regular basis. As a highly inspired student, she completed two internships in her first year related to studying the hyperfine structure of Radium isotopes at CERN and developing the Finite element method. Continuing along this path, Martina now seeks to further develop her skills pursuing experience in the field that interest her the most- Nuclear Physics. Undergraduate Level - $2,500