W M S Y M P O S I A 2 0 1 7 • P H O E N I X C O N V E N T I O N C E N T E R • M A R C H 5 - 9 • W W W . W M S Y M . O R G 1 1 2017 Wendell D. Weart Lifetime Achievement Award Sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories The Wendell D. Weart Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the long-term commitment and actions of the recipient in solving major nuclear waste challenges, including education, research, public policy, or implementation of solutions for managing nuclear waste. 165 rate hearings. He was a member of the IAEA Technical Expert Group on Decommissioning. In 2007 he was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Nuclear Society DD&R Division. Mr. LaGuardia has also worked with the AIF (now NEI), ANS, DOE, NRC, and ASME to develop decommissioning handbooks, publish guidelines for cost estimates, and techniques to reduce cost, exposure, and radwaste. He prepared cost estimating guides for SSM (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority), and for the OECD/ NEA. He is currently designing, constructing and patenting an electric arc saw for the segmentation of reactor vessels and internals for decommissioning. Thomas S. LaGuardia is the Managing Member of LaGuardia & Associates, LLC (L&A). L&A was founded in 2006, and specializes in decommissioning and waste management engineering and planning, and cost estimating. Mr. LaGuardia was President of TLG Services, Inc., which he founded in 1982, and specialized in decommissioning engineering and field services. In 2000, TLG Services, Inc., was purchased by Entergy Nuclear, Inc. (ENI); Mr. LaGuardia was also Vice President of Decommissioning for ENI. Mr. LaGuardia’s prior employment included Nuclear Energy Services, Gulf Nuclear Fuels Corporation (formerly United Nuclear Corporation) and Combustion Engineering. He has a BSME from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and an MSME from the University of Connecticut. He is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Virginia, and is a Certified Cost Professional (CCP) by the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International. Mr. LaGuardia has provided engineering, planning and management support for decontamination, decommissioning, and waste management for commercial and government facilities. He is an industry-recognized expert in the estimating of decommissioning costs and schedules. He has overseen the preparation of decommissioning feasibility and cost studies for over 128 nuclear power units and more than 200 fossil-fueled units, and has supported those estimates by providing expert testimony in over Thomas LaGuardia PE, CCP, MANAGING MEMBER LaGuardia & Associates, LLC