W M S Y M P O S I A 2 0 1 7 • P H O E N I X C O N V E N T I O N C E N T E R • M A R C H 5 - 9 • W W W . W M S Y M . O R G 9 This scholarship is given to students attending the James E. Rogers College of Law at The University of Arizona, recognizing their contributions and is designed to assist a second or third-year law student who demonstrates a meaningful interest in environmental law. James A. Glasgow Scholarship Recipients Mia grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and completed her B.A. in Environmental Studies at Franklin University Switzerland. She returned to Arizona and completed her M.S. in Water, Society and Policy from the University of Arizona before applying for law school. Last summer she worked with the group Advocates for the West in Boise, ID and this summer she will be working with Earthjustice’s Rocky Mountain Regional Office. She is the President of the James E. Rogers College of Law Environmental Law Society, and intends like to practice environmental and natural resources law upon graduation. Joel is a non-traditional student, who after receiving a GED, spent years performing labor- intensive work with two local water companies. Personal challenges led him to attend Pima community college, where he graduated with the highest honors and was awarded the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Scholarship to attend the University of Arizona as an Honors College Student. He pursed a degree in Environmental and Water Resource Economics with a Pre-Law minor with the goal of entering the JD Program at the University of Arizona Rogers College of Law. In 2015, Joel graduated Suma Cum Laude and received the Honors College Dean’s Award of Excellence due part to his research “boots on the ground” water resource management research project in Namibia. He was accepted into the JD Law program in 2016, and since then has immersed himself in the study of law. He plans to focus his law studies in water, land development, and environmental law. Upon graduation, he plans to apply his passion and knowledge of the law in the field of water and environmental policy, natural resource management, and conflict resolution. Mia Hammersley Joel Rose