Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session 108A - Application of Innovative D&D Technologies Part 2 of 2



Session Co-Chairs:   Lawrence Boing (USA)
Rick Demmer (USA)
Lead Organizer:   Rick Demmer (USA)
Additional Organizer(s):   Rateb (Boby) Abu Eid (USA)
Julia Tripp (USA)
Paper Reviewer:   Rick Demmer (USA)




Paper Title


Use of Multiple Remote Systems for Calcine Retrieval Operations at Idaho - 16592
Laurie Judd, Longenecker & Associates (USA); Adam Mallion, OC Robotics (United Kingdom); Andrew Graham, OC Robotics (United Kingdom); John Ritter, NuVision Engineering (USA); Andrew Szilagyi, US DOE (USA); Rodrigo Rimando, US DOE (USA); Peter Griffiths, NuVision Engineering, Inc. (USA); Troy Burnett, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC (USA); Danielle Lower, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC (USA); Jeffrey Klinger, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC (USA); Kirk Dooley, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC (USA)


Real Time Nanogravimetric Monitoring of Corrosion for Nuclear Decommissioning in Simulated Radioactive Environments - 16170
Ioannis Tzagkaroulakis, Lancaster University (United Kingdom); Divyesh Trivedi, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Colin Boxall, Lancaster University (United Kingdom)


GrayQb Single-Faced Version 2 Open Environment Test - 16344
Jean Plummer, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA); David Immel, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA); John Bobbitt, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA); Mike Negron, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (USA)


Investigating the Depth of Penetration of Radionuclides in Concrete - 16292
William Bostick, MCLinc (USA); Blake Dunaway, MCLinc (USA); Michele Sanders, MCLinc (USA)


The Characterisation and Removal of Water Droplets in High Pressure Water Jetting Nuclear Decontamination - 16036
Thomas Sanders, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Martin Gallagher, University of Manchester (United Kingdom)


Underwater Laser Cutting Technology - 16491
Seiichi Sato, IHI Corporation (Japan); Takanori Inaba, IHI Southwest Technologies, Inc (USA); Koutarou Inose, IHI Corporation (Japan); Naoyuki Matsumoto, IHI Corporation (Japan); Yuji Sakakibara, IHI Corporation (Japan)


Conceptual Study of Fuel Debris Retrieval System for Fukushima Daiichi Reactors - 16111
Takashi Mitsui, IHI Corporation (Japan); Manabu Kishimoto, IHI Corporation (Japan); Hiromichi Maekawa, IHI Corporation (Japan); Matt Cole, Kurion, Inc. (USA); Marc Rood, Kurion, Inc. (USA); Scott Martin, Kurion, Inc. (USA)


SeeSnake Radiological Characterisation of Complex Nuclear Spaces - 16162
Adam Mallion, OC Robotics (United Kingdom); Rebecca Hillier, OC Robotics (United Kingdom); Greg Udall, OC Robotics (United Kingdom); Craig Wilson, OC Robotics (United Kingdom); Matt Mellor, Createc (United Kingdom)


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