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EDUCATIONOPPORTUNITYINWASTEMANAGEMENT 2016HONORS AWARDSLUNCHEON MARCH82016 PHOENIXCONVENTION CENTER PHOENIXARIZONAUSA 2016 WM Symposia WMS is a non-profit organization dedicated to education and opportunity in waste management. It was founded to provide a forum for discussing and seeking cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions to the safe management and disposition of radioactive waste and radioactive materials. WMS annually recognizes leaders in the radioactive waste management profession that have made a significant contribution as well as upcoming students through financial support to the Post Foundation that will be making a difference in the future. These scholarships are awarded in the memory of Dr. Roy G. Post. The scholarships and the Foundation carry on Dr. Posts vision of education in this field and honor the Founder of the annual WM Conference. The Roy G. Post Foundation is a 501c3 tax-deductible Foundation dedicated to education in the safe management of nuclear material. Full-time students enrolled in secondary educational programs in technical or policy fields with the objective of contributing to the safe management of nuclear materials are eligible for these scholarships. The Foundation shows thanks to its ongoing benefactors and recognizes special scholarship donations made. Today we also recognize the sponsors of the Roy G. Post Foundation Benefit Golf Tournament proceeds of which will be used for additional scholarships. 2016 Roy G. Post Foundation Scholarships Special Thank You To Our 2016 Honors Awards Luncheon Sponsor Westinghouse Electric Company Booth 1031 Website Westinghouse Electric Companys unique expertise includes integrated services and solutions to the Decommissioning and Dismantling DD and Waste Management to the global nuclear power plant market. We provide state-of-the- art solutions for the treatment and handling of radioactive waste and offer proven solutions for the storage of low intermediate and high-level waste. Our global workforce is a mix of highly skilled technical and craft personnel who focus on safety and quality to deliver predictably successful results. Our technology offerings range from complex decommissioning and dismantling solutions to unique welding and machining capabilities. 2 Graduate Level Timothy Ault Vanderbilt University Luke Boast Sheffield University United Kingdom Janelle Branch Vanderbilt University Ambar Deshkar Rutgers the State University of New Jersey Silvina Di Pietro Florida International University Wei Ding University of Leeds United Kingdom Jordan Evans Texas AM University Thilini Kaluarachchi United Nations University Japan Peter Martin University of Bristol United Kingdom Takenori Ozutsumi Tohoku University Japan Hannah Paterson Energus United Kingdom Dimitri Pletser Imperial College London United Kingdom Rachel Pope Clemson University Deepesh Poudel Idaho State University Stephanie Thornber University of Sheffield United Kingdom Jamie Weaver Washington State University Undergraduate Level Mariah Ashley Northern Arizona University Indranil Bisuri Amity University Noida India Hannah Irving TSTC Waco Colton Murphy University of Utah Joseph Nardone New York University Anna-Elina Pasi University of Helsinki Finland NO COMPANY IS MORE COMMITTED TO ADVANCING WASTE MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY Westinghouse Electric Company WECNuclear The Post Foundation is proud to present the 2016 Scholarship Recipients 3 Timothy Ault Vanderbilt University Timothy Ault is part of the Nuclear Environmental Engineering group at Vanderbilt University and is working on his PhD under Dr. Steven Krahn. Tims research focuses on the assessment of environmental impacts of nuclear fuel cycles including both low- and high-level radioactive waste resource and radiological impacts. His dissertation topic is a comparison of the environmental impacts from thorium-and uranium-based closed-recycle nuclear fuel cycles which integrates fuel cycle and reactor simulations with environmental metrics. He has also conducted work in the areas of decision analysis and technology readiness assessment for nuclear fuel cycle applications. Tim has authored or co-authored more than twenty journal and conference papers and has also contributed to over a dozen technical reports for organizations including the US DOE Europes OECD-NEA and the Electric Power Research Institute. He has also interned at and collaborated with both Oak Ridge and Idaho National Laboratories. Scholarship Recipients - Graduate Level - 5000 Luke Boast Sheffield University United Kingdom Luke Boast is a third year PhD student at the University of Sheffield working within the Immobilisation Science Laboratory ISL. His research is funded through the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority NDA and focuses on developing an understanding of the waste and matrix interactions during thermal treatment of plutonium contaminated materials PCM found at the Sellafield site UK. Luke is currently working with Kurion Inc. at the Sellafield site providing operational support and assistance with glass formulations for a number of melt trials. Prior to his PhD Luke gained a first class honours degree BEng from Swansea University in Materials Science and Engineering. During which he spent a year working for ALSTOM Switzerland on material related problems mainly in the hot gas path of modern gas turbines. Luke enjoys playing tennis in his free time. Highlights include captaining Swansea University tennis team and representing Sheffield University at the 2014 varsity tournament. Janelle Branch Vanderbilt University Janelle Branch is a doctoral student in Environmental Engineering at Vanderbilt University with CRESP the Consortium for Risk Evaluation with Stakeholder Participation where she studies the long-term performance of cementitious materials used in nuclear waste applications. Her research focuses on characterizing the changes in the microstructure solubility of key constituents and reaction of phases in cast stone materials in the presence of reactive gases. Janelle has also conducted research at Tongji University in Shanghai China as part of the National Science Foundation East Asia Pacific Summer Institutes Program. There she characterized a wide variety of components in cast stone including coal combustion fly ash and blast furnace slag. Janelle also serves as a nuclear and civil engineering instructor on the weekend for gifted elementary school children. Previously she earned her M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Vanderbilt University and her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology. Ambar Deshkar Rutgers the State University of New Jersey Ambar Deshkar is a graduate student at Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Rutgers University New Jersey. He is originally from Aurangabad India. During high school he was awarded the National Talent Search Scholarship in 2007. In 2013 he obtained his Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from BITS Pilani- Hyderabad campus in India. During July 2013-November 2014 he worked as a Graduate Engineer at Aditya Birla Science Technology Company in Mumbai where he worked on development of alumino-silicate based refractory materials from porcelain insulator waste with Dr. Jitendra Kar. Currently into his second year at Rutgers Ambars doctoral research work is focused towards understanding crystallization behavior in high level nuclear waste glasses and its implications on the performance of the final waste form in geological repository. 4 Silvina A. Di Pietro Florida International University Silvina A. Di Pietro is a graduate student from Florida International University pursuing a Ph.D. in environmental chemistry. She is currently a graduate research assistant in the Applied Research Center ARC at FIU as a Department of Energy Fellow. This program is funded by the US Department of Energys Office of Environmental Management DOE-EM and promotes students within the STEM disciplines to pursue research regarding the Department of Energys ongoing environmental cleanup challenges. Under the mentorship of Dr. Yelena Katsenovich and Dr. Hilary Emerson Silvina focuses with assisting in the development of the ammonia injection project. This project is a remediation technique that has the potential to treat and remove inorganic contaminants. One particular contaminant of concern is uranium which is found in the vadose zone at the DOE Hanford Site in Washington State. Scholarship Recipients - Graduate Level - 5000 Thilini Kaluarachchi United Nations University Japan Thilini has graduated with a B.Sc. Hons. First class degree in Environmental Science from the Faculty of Science University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka. Her research focus was on waste management therefore she selected it as her undergraduate research area and did a research on optimizing moisture content in Municipal Solid Waste composting in collaboration with the Central Environmental Authority - Sri Lanka. Due to the quality of her research work she won a scholarship to attend the 7th International Symposium on Environmental Geo-technics held in Melbourne Australia. She presented her work in a poster presentation at the Conference. Currently she is enrolled as a Masters student MSc. Sustainability in the United Nations University Headquarters- Institute for the Advanced Study on Sustainability. Jordan Evans Texas AM University Jordan Evans was born and raised near Houston Texas. He earned his B.S. in nuclear engineering from Texas AM University TAMU in 2011 with a thesis related to resolving the corrosion problem associated with the Gen. IV liquid fluoride thorium reactor LFTR. He earned his M.S. in nuclear engineering from TAMU in 2013 and his thesis topic Improving Targeted Radionuclide Therapy using Nuclear Nanotechnology won 1st prize in the TAMU annual university-wide research competition Student Research Week. Jordan has conducted research in collaboration with Shell Oil Company Westinghouse Electric Company Lockheed Martin and others. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering with a focus on nuclear nanomaterials at the TAMU Fuel Cycle and Materials Laboratory FCML under Dr. Sean McDeavitt. In addition to his studies and research Jordan enjoys basketball working out music camping and spending time with his wife family and friends. Wei Ding University of Leeds United Kingdom Wei Ding is undertaking PhD research in nuclear engineering at the University of Leeds UK studying the solid state and solution chemistry of doped uranium oxides relevant to long term waste disposition or storage using advanced synchrotron and laboratory techniques. Prior to his current work Wei has studied the biogeochemical immobilisation of toxic chromate in the geosphereasanenvironmentalanaloguefortechnetium.Thiswassupportedbyhisplacementat the Low Level Waste Repository understanding the challenges faced by consignees in accepting nuclear waste packages. During his undergraduate studies in chemistry at the University of Bristol he defined organic degradation mechanisms of lactones with extracurricular activities focusing on novel nano-palladium synthesis routes and the performance of nanoparticle doped engine lubricants. In addition to his research Wei currently volunteers his spare time with St. John Ambulance and the Orthopaedic Trauma Unit in Leeds General Infirmary respectively. 5 Dimitri Pletser Imperial College London United Kingdom Dimitri Pletser is a graduate of the TU Delft in the Netherlands with an MSc. in Chemical Engineering. After working on the Fukushima Monitoring Database at the IAEA in Vienna he decided to pursue a PhD at Imperial College Londons Centre for Nuclear Engineering. His work revolves around the clean-up of the Fukushima site. In collaboration with Hitachi he is developing a suitable immobilisation process for spent adsorbents generated by the treatment of effluent cooling water. Scholarship Recipients - Graduate Level - 5000 Peter Martin University of Bristol United Kingdom Peter graduated with a first class honours degree in Geology from the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol in 2013. After a brief period working as a research assistant also at the University of Bristol he was invited to undertake a postgraduate degree. Peter is currently a doctoral student within the Interface Analysis Centre a specialist materials and nuclear science hub at the University of Bristol. His current research under the supervision of Dr. Tom Scott focuses on the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant spanning both nuclear forensics as well as future radiation mapping systems having made multiple visits to the affected region. Peter is the author of a number of scientific publications in both the nuclear field as well as within the wider area of materials science. Takenori Ozutsumi Tohoku University Japan Takenori Ozutsumi was born in Yamanashi Japan in 1989. He enrolled in Faculty of Engineering in Tohoku University in 2008. As he was junior in undergraduate studies the Fukushima Daiichi nuclearpowerplantaccidenthadasignificantimpactonhim.In2014hewentontoDepartment of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering in Tohoku Niibori and he has been engaged in fundamental research on migration behavior of radionuclide in near surface underground. He strongly hopes such a knowledge is helpful for the safety assessment of the disposal facility of nuclear waste caused by Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. In the spring of next year as a Doctor Course student at Niibori lab he will start developing a more reliable model to describe the complicated migration of radionuclides under an unsaturated condition. Hannah Paterson Energus United Kingdom Hannah graduated with a Master of Chemistry degree from Edinburgh University Scotland in 2014. She is currently on a full-time two-year graduate development programme called nuclear- graduates. During her time on the scheme Hannah has been undertaking further postgraduate study at the University of Manchester in Nuclear Science and Technology and devoting time to promote science and engineering to young children. On the graduate scheme Hannah has had the privilege of working on the high hazard risk reduction vitrification programme at Sellafield Ltd as a Technical Advisor. She also played an important role in strategy development and implementation of European Union legislation during a secondment in the Radioactive Waste and Decommissioning Policy team in the Scottish Government. Hannah is now undertaking a secondment at the US Department of Energy and is continuing her University studies with the goal of becoming a senior technical lead in the future. 6 Jamie Weaver Washington State University JamieWeaverisaPhDcandidateinthedivisionofAnalyticalEnvironmentalandRadiochemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Washington State University and is a PhD intern at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Her current research interests span the fields of nuclear chemistry analytical methods for solid-state systems glass science archeology and ancient history. She has a B.A. in Art Conservation from the University of Delaware and a B.S. in Physical Science from Washington State University. Ms. Weavers PhD dissertation project investigates the localized chemistry of 99Tc in nuclear waste glasses. In addition to this work she has collaborated on two studies that correlate the alteration of man-made ancient glass analogs to the modeling the durability of nuclear waste glasses. In 2015 she was awarded the Golding Family Fellowship for Women in Science at Washington State University for her research on the alteration of ancient glasses. Scholarship Recipients - Graduate Level - 5000 Rachel Pope Clemson University Rachel Pope graduated from Clemson University in 2014 with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry. She has continued her education in the Environmental Engineering and Earth Science department pursuing her Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering and Science with a concentration in environmental health physics and radiochemistry. Under the supervision of Dr. Brian Powell Rachel evaluates the performance of engineered bentonite barriers under repository conditions studying the effects of elevated temperatures on the diffusion of 237NpV. Other studies include the effluent analysis of radionuclide transport through soil using field lysimeters as well as hematite surface complexation modeling using isothermal titration calorimetry. Rachel intends on graduating from Clemson University in December 2016 where she will pursue an industrial occupation as well as take the certified health physicist exam. Deepesh Poudel Idaho State University DeepeshisaPh.D.studentatIdahoStateUniversitywithteachingresearchandworkexperience in several fields of radiation protection including nuclear instrumentation radiological environmental analysis external and internal dosimetry and university and medical health physics. His dissertation is focused on the biokinetics of actinides in nonhuman primates. In addition to 2016 Roy G. Post Scholarship Deepesh is also a recipient of Health physics Societys 2014-15 Burton J. Moyer Fellowship and 2015-16 F. Ward Whicker Scholarship. Deepesh graduated with BS High Honors and MS in Physics with Health Physics emphasis from Idaho State University in 2009 and 2011 respectively and hopes to complete his doctoral degree by the end of 2016. Stephanie Thornber University of Sheffield United Kingdom Stephanie Thornber has a background in Materials Science Engineering and graduated with First Class Honours from The University of Sheffield in 2013. Stephanie is now in the third year of her PhD at Sheffield University leading the development of glass-ceramic wasteforms consolidated by hot isostatic pressing for the disposal of Pu-residues at the UKs Sellafield site. During the course of her PhD Stephanie has received multiple awards for her research presented at conferences as well as outreach events and recently discussed her work at an All Party Parliamentary Nuclear Energy Group Meeting at the House of Commons in London which discussed the UKs plutonium policy where her research is a leading project. 7 Colton Murphy University of Utah Colton is a student attending the University of Utah enrolled in his Junior year of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He has narrowed his scholastic career toward structural engineering more specifically seismic design. He is currently an undergraduate research assistant supporting a graduate student in his research on Seismic Anchorage of Dry Storage Casks. He is also researching the effectiveness of post installed anchors for the safe and secure storage of nuclear waste. Scholarship Recipients - Undergraduate Level - 2500 Mariah Ashley Northern Arizona University Mariah is a member of the Navajo Nation from Chichiltah New Mexico. She attended Dine College in Tsaile Arizona and received her Associate of Science A.S. Degree in 2013. Currently Mariah is a student at Northern Arizona University studying Environmental Science with a Geology emphasis. Mariah has been involved in numerous community outreach programs where she stresses cultural significance and environmental responsibility. She believes that incorporating indigenous cultural knowledge with western scientific methods is key to combating todays environmental issues. Her long-term goal includes returning to the Navajo Nation to help the people and the community creating a more sustainable environment for future generations. Indranil Bisuri Amity University Noida India Indranil Bisuri is a student of Amity University Noida India. He is currently in 6th semester and doing his integrated course of Bachelors and Masters of Technology in Nuclear Science Technology. He has keen interest in Application of Radioisotopes Nuclear Waste Management Nuclear Security. He is a Certified Nuclear Security Professional specialized in Science and Engineering from World Institute for Nuclear Security Vienna Austria. He along with his classmate has also developed a website for education of nuclear security for students and professionals He intends to attend this year Nuclear Security Training Series NSTS at Texas AM University. His future goals include securing another masters specialized in Nuclear Security. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his friends reading history playing soccer and watching anime. Hannah Irving TSTC Waco Hannah graduated in 2015 from Global High School in Waxahachie where she was in ballroom dancing for all four years. She was also in FIRST Robotics from Freshman to Sophomore year. During her senior year in high school she raised over 300 for Multiple Sclerosis society. Prior to graduating from High School Hannah earned an Associates of Science from Navarro College. Hannah missed her college graduation so she could train to be a lifeguard. While at Texas State Technical College TSTC she finds that she loves Radiation and decided to study for Nuclear Radiation. One program she is apart of is CERT Community Emergency Response Teams a first responder for TSTC. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA in school. 8 Scholarship Recipients - Undergraduate Level - 2500 Joseph Nardone New York University Joseph Nardone is a sophomore at New York University majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in nuclear science. Joseph can be described as a true renaissance man holding a number of strange positions including Chinese restaurant cook coffee shop keyholder liquidation business owner and algorithmic trading programmer. Using his broad skill set he invented a safety mask for the detection of depleted uranium. This invention was selected as a winner of the Fairleigh Dickinson University Business competition as well as the NYU Reynolds Business Competition. Joseph currently conducts cryogenic superconductor research within NYUs Department of Applied Physics. In his spare time enjoys solving problems traveling and spending time with his brother. Anna-Elina Pasi University of Helsinki Finland Anna-Elina Pasi is an undergraduate student from the University of Helsinki Finland. She is studying radiochemistry and is currently working in the Laboratory of Radiochemistry as a research assistant. In her work she focuses on purification of decontamination solutions of nuclear power plants using inorganic ion exchange materials. After graduation Anna-Elina is planning to continue doctoral studies in the nuclear waste management field. Anna-Elina is also a musician. She graduated from the Conservatory of Lahti in 2014 and her instrument is cello. This scholarship is given to students who attend the James E. Rogers College of Law at The University of Arizona in recognition of their contributions and is designed to assist a second or third-year law student who demonstrates a meaningful interest in environmental law. The 2016 James A. Glasgow Scholarship recipients are James A. Glasgow Scholarship Recipients Mari Toriyama Richard Michael McManus II 9 WM2015 Best Oral Presentations WM2015 Best Poster Presentations At each conference WMS recognizes the two best oral presentationspapers from the previous years conference. In order to honor high quality presentations the American Nuclear Society ANS and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME presents an award for the Best PresentationsPapers. The WM2015 Winners are ANS Award - Best Oral PresentationPaper The Development and Initial Testing of the Ice Pig Cleaning Method for Nuclear Reprocessing Plants by Alex Jenkins Sellafield Ltd Joe Quarini Dan McBryde University of Bristol from Paper 15363 Track 6 Decontamination Decommissioning ASME Award - Best Oral PresentationPaper Uncertainty in Decommissioning the Benefits of 3D Simulation by Lawrence Wharmby Luc Ardellier OREKA Solutions from Paper 15124 Track 9 Special Topics Multi-Track Crosscutting Technology Topics ST Judges select the best posterpaper based on technical quality and preparation of the work as described in the guidelines. Each track selects the best posterpaper which are then displayed and re-judged on Wednesday afternoon for the best of the conference. The WM2015 Winners are ANS Award - Best Poster PresentationPaper Achieving Groundwater Monitoring Optimization at SRS A Core Team Process Based on Rigorous Technical Assessment - by Cathy Lewis Jeffrey Ross Mary Flora Christopher Bergren Teresa Eddy Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Brian Hennessey US DOE from Paper 15273 Track 7 - Environmental Remediation ASME Award - Best Poster PresentationPaper Tritiated Waste Management Opportunities Based on the Reduction of Tritium Activity and Out-gassing by - Christelle Decanis Daniel Canas Didier Dallava Jerome Pamela CEA France from Paper 15607 Track 3 - LLW ILW MW 2016 Fellow Award Receipents WMS established the honor of WMS Fellow in 2011 to recognize volunteers for distinguished contributions to the advancement of radioactive waste and radioactive material management. Elevation to the status of WMS Fellow is attained through peer recognition and confirmation by the WMS Board of Directors. The 2016 Fellow Award Recipients are Tom Brouns Market Sector Manager Energy Environment Directorate Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Judith D. Connell Senior Director Communications Strategic Planning Fluor Government Group George E. Dials President Pajarito Scientific Corporation Mark S. Lewis General Manager Cask Division EnergySolutions Inc Claudio Pescatore Private Practice Consultant 10 2016 Wendell D. Weart Lifetime Achievement Award Enrique Adolfo Biurrun was born and raised close to the foothills of the Andes in western Argentina to a family of wine farmers on September 8 1950. Leaving behind the family tradition he moved to study Mechanical Engineering with the Jesuits at the Catholic University of Crdoba in his country of birth where he also discovered his interest for nuclear physics and nuclear engineering. After his MS graduation he moved in 1975 to Germany the country that has become his homeland to study Nuclear Engineering at the RWTH Aachen University where he graduated in 1980. After 8 years of work in RD on radioactive waste repository long term safety at this university where he obtained his PhD on this field in 1988 he joined DBE the company charged with construction and operation of the repositories for radioactive waste in Germany. Enrique was shortly thereafter promoted to head of the Development Projects Department in DBEs Division for Technology and Development and focused in this position in the early nineties on spreading the wealth of know-how and specialized engineering developed in Germany for deep geological repositories to Western and Eastern European countries. International cooperation was a central key word in this work. Enrique participated in quite a number of European Unions projects carried out after the end of the cold war era in Central and Eastern Europe including Ukraine as well as in the Russian Federation. These projects were part of a large effort by the European Union bringing western nuclear safety culture and practices to these countries as many of them were to become European Union new members. A key instrument for this fruitful international cooperation was the CASSIOPEE grouping created in the early nineties by the waste management agencies of six leading Western European countries in whose work Enrique was strongly involved from the very beginning. CASSIOPEEs work continues until today currently focusing among others on Ukraine. After creation of DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH Enrique moved in 2002 to this wholly-owned subsidiary company that took over all DBEs engineering assignments other than the work for the German federal repositories. In this capacity he represented DBE TECHNOLOGY and DBE in a number of international institutions and groupings and managed project work for customers from Europe and overseas including among others Japan Canada and Argentina. In 2010 he was appointed chairman of WATEC the international advisory body to IAEAs Deputy Director General for Nuclear Energy on waste management matters. Soon thereafter his peers elected him chairman of the steering committee of DISPONET an IAEA grouping on radioactive waste surface disposal. Since the mid-nineties Enriques work had focused on near surface disposal where he saw his projects maturing until realization. Among them remediation work at the Richard Repository in the Czech Republic with the implementation of a hydraulic cage in some chambers of this underground but near-surface facility a novel solution developed by DBE TECHNOLOGY under Enriques leadership and the design of an option for disposal of very low-level waste mainly from power plant decommissioning for the Mochovce repository in Slovakia currently under construction. Since 2011 the development and licensing of a Bulgarian repository for low- and intermediate-level waste carried out by an international consortium with Enrique as the technical leader. This facility which will become the first new European repository in more than a decade when it starts receiving waste in 2020-2021 is currently in the procurement phase with site preparation for construction already under way. Enrique is particularly proud that the joint initiative of colleagues from the Sandia National Laboratories the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and himself suggested during a meeting with Sandia in Albuquerque in 2009 was successful in re-invigorating the then dormant US-German cooperation in salt repository science and technology. This cooperation with yearly one or more workshops dedicated to share scientific knowledge and technological experience and with joint projects already delivering valuable insight was later the basis for creating the so-called Salt Club under the auspices of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency so bringing the bilateral relationship into a wider international context. The very fruitful US-German joint work is now a valuable example of international collaboration to advance waste management solutions. The Salt Club is an effective vehicle for sharing these two countries large wealth of scientific knowledge and experience with others that might consider disposal in salt formations an appropriate solution for their radioactive waste management tasks. After retiring from DBE TECHNOLOGY in 2014 his work now focuses on supporting the realization of the Bulgarian repository. In addition Enrique is currently leading a European Union project aimed at delivering by 2018 the technical design and licensing documentation for a radioactive waste repository for Iraq which shall provide an urgently needed solution for the decommissioning and remediation waste awaiting appropriate management in this country a legacy of the 1991 Gulf war. Dr. Enrique Biurrun Senior Adviser DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH 11 2016 ASME Sarge Ozker Award Mr. Camper is an experienced health physicist radiation safety expert environmental remediation expert and executive with 40 years of professional experience with various aspects of the nuclear industry within both the private and public sectors including radiation safety medical research and academic uses commercial uses industrial uses environmental assessment and management low-level waste oversight uranium recovery decommissioning of reactors and complex material sites spent fuel management and performance assessment. Mr. Camper has been very involved both nationally and internationally and increasingly has focused on the nexus between nuclear materials uses energy production and related environmental concerns as well as stakeholder outreach and coordination. Mr. Camper retired from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission in September 2015 as the Director of the Division of Decommissioning Uranium Recovery and Waste Programs. For the preceding ten years Mr. Camper served as the Director of the Division of Waste Management and Environmental Protection in the Office of Federal and State Materials and Environmental Management Programs. Prior to assuming that position Mr. Camper served in several Senior Executive Service positions within the NRC including two years as the Deputy Director Spent Fuel Project Office four years as the Chief Decommissioning Branch four years as the Chief Materials Safety Branch. Mr. Camper also served for ten years as the U.S. Representative to the Waste Safety Standards Advisory Committee of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Mr. Camper also served as the Chairman of the NRC NEPA Executive Steering Committee as a member of the NRC Fuel Reprocessing Executive Steering Committee and as the NRC Agency Historic Preservation Officer. Mr. Camper serves as a member of the Board of Directors and as a member of the Program Advisory Committee and for the Waste Management Symposia. Mr. Camper serves as a member of the Certification Review Board for the Academy of Board Certified Professionals and he served as a member of the Nuclear Environmental Engineering and Sciences Advisory Board for Clemson University. Mr. Camper received a B.S. degree in Radiological Science and Administration School of Medicine and Health Care Sciences and an M.S. degree in Administration School of Business both from George Washington University. Mr. Camper also completed graduate course work in applied health physics at Oak Ridge Associate Universities and he completed a graduate level Certificate in Implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act from Duke University co-sponsored by the Council on Environmental Quality. Mr. Camper completed a certificate in Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies at Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government Executive Education. Mr. Camper also completed a certificate in Environmental Collaboration at the US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution. Mr. Camper is certified by the Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals ABCEP with a specialty in environmental assessment and he is registered with the National Association for Environmental Professionals. Mr. Camper is also certified by the American Academy of Project Management as a Certified International Project Manager CIPM and he is certified by the Global Academy of Finance and Management as an Accredited Management Consultant. Mr. Camper is a 2005 recipient of the Presidential Rank Award as a Meritorious Executive within the Senior Executive Service and is the 2010 recipient of the Richard S. Hodes M.D. Honor Lecture Award provided by the Southeast Compact for outstanding leadership in the low-level waste industry. Mr. Camper has been elected by the Board of Directors of the Waste Management as a Fellow of the Waste Management Symposia in recognition of his long standing service to the organization. Mr. Camper is a present or past member of a number of professional organizations including Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals American Academy of Project Management American Association for the Advancement of Science American Association of Physicists in Medicine American Industrial Hygiene Association American Nuclear Society Environmental Law Institute Global Academy of Finance Management Health Physics Society International Association of Facilitators Institute of Management Consultants National Association of Environmental Professionals National Museum of Nuclear Science and History National registry for Environmental Professionals New York Academy of Sciences Society of Nuclear Medicine and the Waste Management Symposia. Mr. Camper is the President and Executive Consultant with Advoco Professional Services LLC. Advoco provides a broad spectrum of professional consulting services focused on environmentalassessmentandremediationhealthphysicsissues nuclear regulatory policy environmental conflict resolution communications strategy facilitation and stakeholder outreach nuclear technical issues NEPA support Federal and State agencies coordination and executive management. Mr. Camper is also associated with Talisman International as consultant on a broad spectrum of nuclear issues. Larry W. Camper CEP REPCIPMAMC Executive Consultant 12 2016 PAC Advisory Committee Award Larry Harmons waste management career began in 1976 at ERDAs Germantown Maryland facility where he was responsible for programs at the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant ICPP. These programs included reprocessing a variety of reactor fuels to recover enriched uranium and managing the waste it produced. So where does one go to learn about radwaste They go to the Waste Management Conference of course. Larry attended his first WM Conference in 1979. He couldnt get it out of his blood and is still here today.LarrybecameProgramDirector for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant WIPP project in 1980. WIPP was on oxygen and defunded in late 1980. Along came President Ronald Reagan in 1981 and a nuclear-friendly Administration. By 1985 WIPP was on its way to completion. Larrys first Waste Management paper was published in 1985 titled A Supply Side Approach to Nuclear Waste Repositories. That paper included outlandish ideas like combining a repository with a major project like the Superconducting Supercollider for a willing host state. The state deal could include the basket of infrastructure manufacturing and research and development RD. This paper is available in the archives on the Waste Management Symposia website. In 1985 Larry set up Department of Energys DOE Transportation Management Division with fun projects like shipping TMI core rubble to Idaho and answering its associated hate mail. This job set him on a three-decade passion for Track 5 Packaging and Transportation. Some people still say Oh hes the packaging guy. Larry was in on the first days of DOEs Environmental Management Program EM in late 1989. He helped establish EMs Office of Technology Development as the Director for Program Support. From 1991 and until he retired from DOE in 1994 Larry was Director of the Office of Waste Operations. After a so-called retirement he signed on as a MACTEC Vice President in Germantown supporting DOE environmental and other programs across the complex. Retirement from MACTEC after 10 years didnt work either. Hes still consulting on a variety of DOE programs with Project Enhancement Corporation. Prior to his waste management career Larry worked for ALCOA and an Army Arsenal designing tank guns and other neat stuff. He was an Army Ordnance Officer and served in Korea in 1963. Larry holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Master of Science in Management and a MBA all from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Hes also a graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces is a proud Eagle Scout. Larry continues his service on the WMS Board of Directors having joined the Board in 1994. Larry Harmon Project Enhancement Corporation PO BOX27646 TEMPEARIZONA85285USA 480-557-0263 ANON-PROFITORGANIZATION EDUCATIONOPPORTUNITYINWASTEMANAGEMENT