Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session 045 - Perspectives on Management of Nuclear Power Plant Liquid and Wet Waste



Session Co-Chairs:   Joshua Mertz (USA)
Clint Miller (USA)
Lead Organizer:   Clint Miller (USA)
Additional Organizer(s):   Lisa Edwards (USA)
Mark Lewis (USA)
Chi-Fung Tso (United Kingdom)
Paper Reviewer:   Clint Miller (USA)




Paper Title


Removal of Trace Amounts of Co-60 from NPP Waste Water Using UV-C Irradiation, TiO2 and CoTreat Inorganic Ion Exchange Media - 16025
Leena Malinen, University of Helsinki (Finland); Jussi-Matti Mäki, Fortum Power and Heat Oy (Finland)


Experimental Seismic Response of Scaled Dry Storage Containers under Identical Loading Conditions - 16318
Sharad Dangol, University of Utah (USA); Luis Ibarra, University of Utah (USA); Ahmed Maree, University of Nevada, Reno (USA); Taylor Nielsen, University of Nevada, Reno (USA); David Sanders, University of Nevada, Reno (USA); Chris Pantelides, University of Utah (USA)


Utilization and Application of Kurion Mobile Processing System in Remediation of Radioactively Contaminated Water - 16370
Joshua Mertz, Kurion, Inc. (USA); Brett Simpson, Kurion, Inc. (USA); Whitney LaMarche, Kurion, Inc. (USA); Ja-kael Luey, Kurion, Inc. (USA); Zane Walton, Kurion Inc. (USA)


AVANTech's Innovative LLW Concentrate Treatment System Reducing Environmental Releases - 16416
Dennis Brunsell, AVANTech, Inc. (USA); Ivan Smiesko, Slovenske Elektrarne (Slovakia)


Solidification Technology for Organic Liquid Waste Combined with Solid Materials from Cernavoda NPP, Romania - 16453
Dennis Kelley, Pacific Nuclear Solutions (USA); Gabriela Teodorov, MATE-FIN (Romania); Laszlo Toro, MATE-FIN (Romania); Adina Sandru, MATE-FIN (Romania); Aurelia Musat, MATE-FIN (Romania); Dorin Dumitrescu, Cernavoda NPP (Romania)


Freestanding Liquids in a Resin Disposal Container – How Unidentified Legacy Issues and Decisions Can Affect Current Radwaste Processing Activities - 16605
Mike Nolan, Energy NW Columbia (USA)


Lessons Learned – New Resin Processing System Selection, Procurement, Delivery, Set-up, Training, and Operation - 16615
Mike Nolan, Energy NW Columbia (USA)


Development of a Holistic Waste Management Flow Sheet for Nuclear New Build in China - 16634
Tim Milner, (USA); Edwina Winter, EnergySolutions (USA)


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