Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session 122 - International Experience with Waste Certification, Acceptance and Disposal for LLW/ILW



Session Co-Chairs:   Heinz Kroeger (Germany)
Heinz Kroeger (Germany)
Lead Organizer:   Heinz Kroeger (Germany)
Additional Organizer(s):   Gabriele Bandt (Germany)
Paper Reviewer:   Heinz Kroeger (Germany)




Paper Title


Managing Low Level Waste at Dounreay - 16269
Bruce Covert, AECOM - Dounreay (United Kingdom); Marie Mackay, Dounreay (United Kingdom)


Documentation of Radioactive Waste Packages for Disposal in the Konrad Repository - 16253
Stefan Steyer, Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Germany); Markus Schmidt, Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Germany); Marcus Wilke, Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Germany)


Best Practice on Facility Characterisation from a Material and Waste End-State Perspective - 16041
Arne Larsson, Studsvik Nuclear AB (Sweden); Inge Weber, Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) (USA)


Sampling Low Level Waste - Building a Program - 16101
Thomas Kalinowski, DW James Consulting, LLC (USA); David James, DW James Consulting, LLC (USA); William Doolittle, DW James Consulting, LLC (USA)


Optimized Qualification of Legacy Waste for the Repository Konrad - 16629
Felix Himmerkus, WAK GmbH (Germany)


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