Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session 050B - Posters: Waste Packaging



Session Co-Chairs:   Steven Brown (USA)
Erich Tiepel (USA)
Lead Organizer:   Erich Tiepel (USA)
Paper Reviewer:   Billie Mauss (USA)




Paper Title


Development of Cement Solidification Technique for Sodium Borate Waste Produced in PWR Plants - 16061
Hirofumi Okabe, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Kanae Matsuyama, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Tatsuaki Sato, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Masumitsu Toyohara, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Yohei Sato, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Tetsuo Motohashi, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Masaaki Kaneko, Toshiba Co. (Japan)


Effects of Gamma Radiation on Cementitious Materials in Repository Environment - 16300
Eduardo Ferreira, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute (Brazil); Roberto Vicente, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute (Brazil); Xabier Turrillas, Institut de Cičncia de Materials de Barcelona (Spain); Fabiano Yokaichiya, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie – HZB (Germany); Margareth Franco, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute (Brazil); Luis Gallego Martinez, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute (Brazil); Alexandre Carvalho, Brazilian Synchrotron Light Source (Brazil); Júlio Takehiro Marumo, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute (Brazil)


Radioactive Waste Management in HANARO (High-flux Advanced Neutron Application Reactor) - 16076
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Sung Paal Yim, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (South Korea); Cheo Kyung Lee, Handong Global University (South Korea); Choong Sung Lee, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (South Korea); Ki Hyun Kim, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (South Korea); In-Cheol Lim, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (South Korea); Hoan Sung Jung, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (South Korea)


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