Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session 046 - D&D of Nuclear and Non-Power Generating Facilities both Large and Small



Session Co-Chairs:   Rateb (Boby) Abu Eid (USA)
Fred Sheil (United Kingdom)
Lead Organizer:   Fred Sheil (United Kingdom)
Additional Organizer(s):   Anthony Banford (United Kingdom)
Al Freitag (USA)
Julia Tripp (USA)
Paper Reviewer:   Fred Sheil (United Kingdom)




Paper Title


Sellafield FGMSP (First Generation Magnox Storage Pond) Additional Sludge Retrieval Project - 16180
Jonathan Smee, Westinghouse Electric Company (United Kingdom); Ian Grant , Westinghouse Electric Company (United Kingdom); Udo Weintrager, Westinghouse Electric Company (Germany); Dave Wilson, Energy Solutions (USA); Ian Richardson, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom); Mike Gull, Energy Solutions (USA)


Major Achievements of the Springfields Decommissioning Program - 16512
Paul Lomas, Westinghouse Electric Company (United Kingdom); Kevin Askew, Westinghouse Electric Company (United Kingdom)


Strategies for Decommissioning the Fuel Storage and Reprocessing Complex at Chalk River Laboratories - 16183
Kerry Weisenberg, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (Canada)


D&D of the CALLISTO PWR Loop as Part of the Refurbishment of the BR2 Research Reactor - 16168
Kurt Van den Dungen, SCK-CEN (Belgium)


‘Top 10’ Facility Decommissioning Risks and Mitigation Strategies to Prevent Them - 16487
Mark Morton, WorleyParsons (USA); Michael Kruzic, WorleyParsons (Canada); Richard Wilkinson, WorleyParsons (USA); Steven Whittall, WorleyParsons (United Kingdom); Gavin Love, WorleyParsons (Australia); Jerel Nelson, The Delphi Groupe Inc. (USA); Bill Bailey, PolestarTechnical Services, Inc. (USA)


NitroJet®’s Verification Test of Contaminated Water Storage Tank Decontamination in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant - 16489
Tomoko Yamamoto, IHI Corporation (Japan); Akito Yamasaki, IHI Corporation (Japan); Masafumi Kitamura, IHI Corporation (Japan); Kensuke Hirata, IHI Corporation (Japan); Tomoo Kusumi, IHI Corporation (Japan); Peng Wang, IHI Corporation (Japan)


Mobile Robots and Remote Characterisation Systems for Nuclear Decommissioning - 16028
Farshad Arvin, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Olusola Ayoola, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Benjamin Bird, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Liam Brown, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Joaquin Carrasco, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Wei Cheah, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Jose Espinosa, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Peter Green, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Arron Griffiths, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Barry Lennox, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Simon Watson, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Thomas Wright, University of Manchester (United Kingdom)


The Magnox Clean-Up Programme - Integrating and Making Best Use of the Supply Chain - 16603
Peter Walkden, Amec Foster Wheeler (United Kingdom)


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