Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session 040 - Storage and Retrieval of Spent/Used Nuclear Fuel Part 1 of 2



Session Co-Chairs:   John Gregory (USA)
William Nutt (USA)
Lead Organizer:   John Gregory (USA)
Paper Reviewer:   Tom Michener (USA)




Paper Title


An Evaluation of Standardized Canisters in the Waste Management System - 16317
Josh Jarrell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA); Robert Joseph, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA); Riley Cumberland, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA); Jeffrey Fortner, Argonne National Laboratory (USA); Elena Kalinina, Sandia National Laboratories (USA); Thomas Severynse, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA); Gordon Petersen, University of Tennessee (USA)


Extended Storage of High Burn-up Fuel Cask R&D Project - 16591
Don McGee, AREVA Federal Services, LLC (USA); Gary Clark, AREVA Federal Services, LLC (USA)


Perspective of Dry Interim Storage of SNF in Germany - 16504
Christoph Gastl, Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Germany); Julia Palmes, Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Germany)


NUHOMS® EOS: Robust, Advanced and Dual Purpose Dry Storage System - 16472
Jayant Bondre, AREVA TN (USA)


Results of Modeling and Simulation Support to Special Nuclear Material Handling Facility Operations - 16053
Nick Drucker, Newport News Shipbuilding (USA); Stefani Werner, Newport News Shipbuilding (USA)


Embedded Cluster Calculations of Water Adsorption on the UO2 (111) Surface - 16503
Joseph Wellington, University College London (United Kingdom); Nikolas Kaltsoyannis, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Andrew Kerridge, Lancaster University (United Kingdom)


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