Student Posters Photos

75AlejandroGarcia  Student Poster: "Laboratory Analysis of the Spectral Induced Polarization Response of Biofilm Formation within Hanford Sediment", Alejandro Garcia, Applied Research Center-FIU. 76AlejandroHernandez  Student Poster: "In Situ Precipitation of Silver Chloride for Treatment of 129I-Contaminated Groundwater", Alejandro Hernandez, Applied Research Center-FIU. 77AlexanderPiedra  Student Poster: "Baseline Adhesion Testing of Intumescent Coatings", Alexander Piedra, Applied Research Center-FIU. 78AnaPaulaGimenesTessaro  Student Poster: "Development of a Primary Characterization Protocol of Spent Filters from the Water Polishing System of IEA-R1 Reactor", Ana Paula Gimenese Tessaro (Picutured), Roberto Vicente, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute.
79BiancaGeraldo  Student Poster: "Radiochemical Methodology Applied to Determination of Gamma Emitting Radionuclides in Waste Samples from IEA-R1 Reactor", Bianca Geraldo (Pictured), Roberto Vicente, Marcos Maciel de Goes, Julio Takehiro Marumo, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute. 80ChristineWipfli  Student Poster: "Promoting the Creation of a Global Inventory for Radioactively Contaminated Sites",  Christine Wipfli, Applied Research Center-FIU. 81EduardoFerreira  Student Poster: "Proposal of a Descriptive Modeling of Portland Cement Behavior under Radioactive Waste Repository Environment" Eduardo Ferreira (Pictured), Julio Takehiro Marumo, Roberto Vicente, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute. 82FranziskaSchmidt  Student Poster: "In - Situ Monitoring of Groundwater Contamination Using the Kalman Filter" Franziska Schmidt (Pictured), UC Berkley, Haruko Wainwright, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
83GeneYllanes  Student Poster: "T-Rex: A Multipurpose, All-Terrain Robotic Platform", Gene Yllanes, Applied Research Center-FIU. 84JaclynnUnangst  Student Poster: "Silica Schiff Base Hybrid Sorbent Material for the Aqueous Sequestration of Actinyl Ions", Jaclynn Unangst, Univeristy of California-Irvine. 85JamesGoode  Student Poster: "Drying Simulated Advanced Gas Reactor Fuel: Proving the Concept", James Goode (Pictured), David Harbottle, Bruce Hanson, University of Leeds. 86JuanMorales  Student Poster: "Accumulated Metal Analysis for Watershed Toxicology Management in Tims Branch, Savannah River Site, Aiken, SC" Juan Morales, Applied Research Center-FIU.
87KateWyness  Student Poster: "Stand off Raman Spectroscopy for the In-Situ Inspection of Nuclear Waste Materials Found in Wet Storage", Kate Wyness, University of Bristol. 88MacarenaLeal  Student Poster: "A Study of Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) Ageing Phenomena in Bentonite", Macarena Leal (Pictured), Fiona Whitaker, Thomas Scott, University of Bristol. 89MichaelDiBono  Student Poster: "Miniature Motorized Inspection Tool for DOE Hanford Site Tank Bottoms" Michael DiBono (Pictured), Dwayne McDaniel, Anthony Abrahao, Yew Teck, Ryan Sheffield, Applied Research Center-FIU. 90MichelleChiu  Student Poster: "Elemental Composition and Size Distribution of Mercury Containing Aggregates in the East Fork Poplar Creek Banks", Michelle Chiu (Pictured) UNLV,  Jeremy Eskelsen, John Dickson, Malanie Mayes, Mark Peterson, Erik Pierce, ORNL.
91MohammedAlbassam  Student Poster: "In-Situ Water Quality Sampling and Flow Measurement to Support Hydrological Model Development for Savannah River Site, SC". Mohammed Albassam, Applied Research Center-FIU. 92PalomaSuzaneCabrera  Student Poster: "Characterization of Radioactive Waste Packages Using Scaling Factors", Paloma Suzane Cabrera (Pictured), Roberto Vicente, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute. 93PeterMartin  Student Poster: "High-Resolution Aerial Radiation Mapping for Nuclear Decontamination and Decommissioning", Peter Martin (Pictured), John Fardoulis, Oliver Payton, Thomas Scott, University of Bristol. 94PeterPalmato  Student Poster: "End of the (Fuel) Cycle: What Can South Australia Learn from the World?", Peter Palmato, University College London.
95QuyhnVo  Student Poster: "Quantifying TBP Dimers and Trimers in Alkane Solutions via Simulations and Experiments", Quynh Vo, University of California-Irvine. 96RandyNgelale  Student Poster: "Radiolytic Degradation of Solvent Extraction Ligands in the Presence of Metal Ions", Randy Ngelale, University of California-Irvine. 97RipleyRaubenolt  Student Poster: "Investigating the Effect of Sorbed Humic Acid on the Mobility of Uranium", Ripley Raubenolt (Pictured), Ravi Krishna Prasanth Gudavalli, Applied Research Center-FIU. 98RosePier  Student Poster:  "Analysis of Solid Phase Extraction Technology to Separate NORM from Oil and Gas Production Wastewater", Rose Pier (Pictured), Mikael Nilsson, Univeristy of California-Irvine.
99SebastianZanlongo  Student Poster: "Low-Cost Robotic Platform for D&D Activities", Sebastian Zanlongo (Pictured), Anthony Abrahao, Applied Research Center-FIU. 100ShashankSekharKumar  Student Poster: "Mitigation of Radioactive Waste By Sampling and Analyzing The Affected Area and Efficient Use of Different Detectors", Shashank Sekhar Kumar, Amity University. 101SilvinaDiPietro  Student Poster: "Ammonia Gas Treatment for Uranium Immobilization at US DOE Hanford Site", Silvina DiPietro (Pictured), Hilary Emerson, Yelena Katsenovich, Applied Research Center-FIU. 102TaichiSakai  Student Poster: " Inventory Evaluation of Cesium Absorption Vessels from Decommissioning of Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant", Taichi Sakai (Pictured), Koji Okamoto, Shunichi Suzuki, The University of Bristol.
103SophieRennie  STUDENT POSTER WINNER - #17552, "Water Corrosion of Spent Nuclear Fuel: Radiolysis Driven Dissolution at the UO2/Water Interface", Sophie Rennie, University of Bristol.