Plenary Session Photos

1GRM 2062  WM2017 Plenary Session 2GRM 2124  Opening remarks from WMS President, James Fiore. 3GRM 2178a  Opening remarks from WMS Chairman, James Gallagher. 4GRM 2215  Plenary Speaker, Mr. Hirohide Hirai, Director-General for International Energy and Technology Cooperation, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Japan).
5GRM 2339  Plenary Speaker, Mr. Greg Meyer, Senior Vice President, Environmental & Nuclear, Fluor Corporation. 6GRM 2416a  Plenary Speaker, Ms. Sue Cange, Acting Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management (EM-1), US DOE. 7GRM 2078  Table shot of WM2017 Plenary Speakers. 8GRM 2507a  WM2017 Plenary Session Audience.
9GRM 2512  Florida International University Fellows with Plenary Speaker, Sue Cange.