Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session 077 - Global Use of Cementitious Waste Forms for LLW/ILW



Session Co-Chairs:   Kapila Fernando (Australia)
Heinz Kroeger (Germany)
Lead Organizer:   Paul Macbeth (USA)
Additional Organizer(s):   Kapila Fernando (Australia)
Kip McDowell (USA)
Paper Reviewer:   Christine Langton (USA)




Paper Title


Selection and Validation of Alternate Slag Sources for Saltstone Production - 16145
Steven Simner, Savannah River Remediation (USA); Ian Pegg, Catholic University of America (USA); Victoria Kmiec, Savannah River Remediation (USA)


Cementitious Grouts for ILW Encapsulation – Hydration & Continuity of Supply within the UK - 16184
Josh Hawthorne, University of Leeds (United Kingdom); Leon Black, University of Leeds (United Kingdom); Gavin Cann, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom)


New Formulation of Cast Stone for Tc Immobilization in Sulfate Rich Secondary Waste Stream - 16098
Wooyong Um, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Benjamin Williams, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Gary L. Smith, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Joseph Westsik, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); David J Swanberg, Washington River Protection Solutions (USA); Jeffrey Serne, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)


Optimizing Blends of Blast Furnace Slag for the Immobilization of Nuclear Waste - 16245
Rebecca Sanderson, The University of Sheffield (United Kingdom); John Provis, The University of Sheffield (United Kingdom); Gavin Cann, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom)


On the Robustness of a Cement-Based Matrix for the Conditioning of Evaporator Concentrates - 16417
Pascal Antonucci, CEA (France); Céline Cau dit Coumes, CEA (France); Erik Coppens, ONDRAF/NIRAS (Belgium)


Update on SRNL Support of Saltstone Sampling and Analysis - 16325
Marissa Reigel, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA); Steven Simner, Savannah River Remediation (USA); Kimberly Roberts, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA); Katie Hill, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)


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