Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session 050A - Posters: Waste Characterization



Session Co-Chairs:   Steven Brown (USA)
Erich Tiepel (USA)
Lead Organizer:   Erich Tiepel (USA)
Paper Reviewer:   Loong Yong (USA)




Paper Title


Calibration of a Passive Neutron Counter with Pu242 Standards - 16450
Joseph Wachter, Canberra Industries Inc - AREVA Group (USA); Adam Gallegos, Pajarito Scientific Corporation (USA); Robert McElroy, Canberra Industries Inc - AREVA Group (USA); Marcel Villani, Canberra Industries Inc - AREVA Group (USA); Bruce Gillespie, Canberra Industries Inc - AREVA Group (USA); Sean Stanfield, Canberra Industries Inc - AREVA Group (USA); Joe Harvill, Nuclear Waste Partnership, LLC (USA)


Waste Information Management System with 2015-16 Waste Streams - 16463
Himanshu Upadhyay, Applied Research Center - FIU (USA); Walter Quintero, Applied Research Center - FIU (USA); Leonel Lagos, Applied Research Center - FIU (USA); Peggy Shoffner, Applied Research Center - FIU (USA); David Roelant, Applied Research Center - FIU (USA)


Characterization of Low Level and Intermediate Nuclear Waste : Improvements in Calorimetric Measurement Combined Radiological Modelling - 16144
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Alain Godot, KEP Technologies (France); Clément Deyglun, KEP Technologies (France); Christophe Mathonat, KEP Technologies (France); Guillaume Jossens, KEP Technologies (France)


Preparation of Waste Fingerprints for the Miscellaneous Beta Gamma Waste Feeds to the Box Encapsulation Plant at Sellafield - 16080
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Jeremy Hastings, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Colin Zimmerman, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Paul Little, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Robert Mills, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); John Clifford, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom); Michelle Wise, NSG Environmental Ltd (United Kingdom); Anthony Banford, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom)


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