Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session 044 - Assessments of Performance of Disposal Systems, Facilities & Sites for LLW/ILW



Session Co-Chairs:   Bob Hiergesell (USA)
Linda Suttora (USA)
Lead Organizer:   Linda Suttora (USA)
Additional Organizer(s):   Kapila Fernando (Australia)
Bob Hiergesell (USA)
Sherri Ross (USA)
Paper Reviewer:   Linda Suttora (USA)




Paper Title


Design and Construction of a Loess-Cement Cushion as an Integral Component of an SL-LILW Repository - 16077
Gerald Nieder-Westermann, DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH (Germany); Enrique Biurrun, DBE Technology GmbH (Germany); Emiliano Gonzalez Herranz, Westinghouse Electric Spain (Spain); Ira Stefanova, SERAW (Bulgaria); Fernando Moraleda Gamero, Westinghouse Electric Spain (Spain); Bernt Haverkamp, DBE Technology GmbH (Germany); Marin Jordanov, EQE Bulgaria AD (Bulgaria)


Effect of Radiation from Low-Level Radioactive Waste Leachate on Antioxidant Depletion in HDPE Geomembrane - 16087
Kuo Tian, CRESP/University of Virginia (USA); Youming Yang, Stanford University (USA); James Tinjum, University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA); Craig H Benson, University of Virginia (USA)


Role of Human Intrusion in Decision-Making for Radioactive Waste Disposal - Results of the IAEA HIDRA Project - 16287
Roger Seitz, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA); Yumiko Kumano, IAEA (Austria); Lucy Bailey, UK NDA (United Kingdom); Thomas Beuth, GRS mbH (Germany); Chris Markley, US NRC (USA); Eva Andersson, SKB (Sweden)


Mechanical Failure Modes and Longevity of Geomembranes - 16365
Kevin Foye, CTI and Associates, Inc. (USA); Te-Yang Soong, CTI and Associates, Inc. (USA)


Issues and Challenges for the Disposal of Solid Radioactive Wastes in the UK - 16597
Juliet Long, UK Environment Agency (United Kingdom); Richard McLeod, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (United Kingdom); William Turner, Office for Nuclear Regulation (United Kingdom); David Bennett, Environment Agency (United Kingdom); Stephen Hardy, Environment Agency (United Kingdom); Doug Ilett, Environment Agency (United Kingdom)


Technetium Management for Hanford Tank Waste Processing and Disposition - 16399
Tatiana Levitskaia, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Jeffrey Serne, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Syandev Chatterjee, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Brian Riley, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Jarrod Crum, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Sam Bryan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Reid Peterson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)


Evaluation of Computed Tomography Techniques for Material Identification in Low Level and Intermediate Level Waste - 16648
Steve Halliwell, VJ Technologies, Inc. (USA); Apostolos Christodoulou, VJ Technologies, Inc. (France)


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