Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session 041 - Storage and Retrieval of TRU



Session Co-Chairs:   Kapil Goyal (USA)
Ed Gulbransen (USA)
Lead Organizer:   Roger Nelson (USA)
Additional Organizer(s):   Kapil Goyal (USA)
Betty Humphrey (USA)
Terry Wickland (USA)
Paper Reviewer:   Kapil Goyal (USA)




Paper Title


Assessment of Options for the Treatment of Nitrate Salt Wastes at Los Alamos National Laboratory - 16541
Bruce Robinson, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA); David Funk, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA); Patrice Stevens, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)


AK Re-evaluation of Rocky Flats Pond Sludge: Planning for Surprises - 16218
Randall Morris, North Wind Group (USA)


Remote-Handled TRU Storage Challenges at Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico - 16071
Betty Humphrey, Weston Solutions, Inc. (USA); Bryan Green, Sandia National Laboratories (USA); Michael Torneby, Sandia National Laboratories (USA); Dave Siddoway, Sandia National Laboratories (USA); Michael Spoerner, Sandia National Laboratories (USA)


Thermochemical Reactivity Hazards of TRU-Waste Constituents - 16075
Randall Scheele, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Michael Minette, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Bruce McNamara, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Jon Schwantes, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)


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