Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session 102 - International Experience in Waste Optimization/Minimization and Harmonization during D&D



Session Co-Chairs:   Maria Lindberg (Sweden)
Robert Vellinger (USA)
Lead Organizer:   Maria Lindberg (Sweden)
Additional Organizer(s):   Joseph Boucau (Belgium)
Michelle Claggett (USA)
Robert Vellinger (USA)
Paper Reviewer:   Maria Lindberg (Sweden)




Paper Title


Optimization of Material Recycling during the Decommissioning Process of Nuclear Power Plants - 16123
Frank Charlier, RWTH Aachen University, NET (Germany); Jan Philipp Dabruck, RWTH Aachen University, NET (Germany); Rahim Nabbi, RWTH Aachen University, NET (Germany); Arthur Sperling, RWTH Aachen - NET (Germany); Christian BŁttner, RWTH Aachen - NET (Germany)


Conservation and Recycling for Radiological-Contaminated Laundry Applications - 16044
Brian Quinley, BES Technologies LLC (USA); Shannon Eaker, BES Technologies LLC (USA); Mike Eckerman, Smoky Mountain Solutions (USA); Russ Carvin, Smoky Mountain Solutions (USA); Tim Trapuzzano, Omega Technical Services (USA); Mike Sensibaugh, Omega Technical Services (USA)


EPRI Software for Estimating Decommissioning Waste Volumes - 16046
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Richard McGrath, EPRI (USA); Richard Reid, EPRI (USA); Michael Snyder, 3S Northamerica (USA)


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