Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session 099 - Regulatory and Programmatic Issues and Solutions for LLW/ILW



Session Co-Chairs:   Gabriele Bandt (Germany)
David Eaton (USA)
Lead Organizer:   David Eaton (USA)
Additional Organizer(s):   Gabriele Bandt (Germany)
Paper Reviewer:   Gabriele Bandt (Germany)




Paper Title


Revision of the Branch Technical Position on Concentration Averaging and Encapsulation - 16315
Maurice Heath, US NRC (USA); James Kennedy, US NRC (USA); Christianne Ridge, US NRC (USA); Donald Lowman, US NRC (USA); John Cochran, Sandia National Laboratories (USA)


Preferred Concepts for Disposal of the UK Inventory of Depleted, Natural and Low Enriched Uranium - 16382
Daniel Galson, Galson Sciences Ltd (United Kingdom); Fiona Neall, Galson Sciences Ltd (United Kingdom); Liz Harvey, Galson Sciences Ltd (United Kingdom); Lucy Bailey, UK NDA (United Kingdom)


Downgrading Nuclear Facilities to Radiological Facilities - 16428
Leroy Duran, Sandia National Laboratories (USA); Jay Farr, Weston Solutions Inc (USA); Jeff Jarry, Sandia National Laboratories (USA)


Cost Savings Resulting from Classified Component Disposal at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) - 16440
Jeanne Poling, National Security Technologies (USA); Pat Arnold, National Security Technologies (USA); Stefan Duke, National Security Technologies (USA); Max Saad, Sandia National Laboratories (USA); Kevin Cabble, US DOE (USA); Janet Appenzeller-Wing, US DOE (USA); Layne Williams, US Air Force (USA); Drew Wallace, US Air Force (USA)


Innovative Approach for Technetium-99 Disposal Reduces Operational Impacts - 16460
Annette Primrose, URS | CH2M Oak Ridge LLC (USA); Jeffrey Grindstaff, URS | CH2M Oak Ridge LLC (USA); Andrew Jacobs, URS | CH2M Oak Ridge LLC (USA); J Lane Butler, URS | CH2M Oak Ridge LLC (USA); Brian Henry, OREM (USA)


Low and Intermediate Active Waste Management in the Federal Republic of Germany - 16567
Barbara Freund, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (Germany)


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