Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session Panel: UK/ USA/ Canada Partnering– Accomplishments and Tangible Benefits Achieved - 054



Session Co-Chairs:   Laurie Judd (USA)
John Mathieson (United Kingdom)
Lead Organizer:   Angie Jones (USA)
Additional Organizer(s):   Christine Fahey (Canada)
Graham Jonsson (United Kingdom)
Laurie Judd (USA)
Panel Reporter:   Christine Fahey (Canada)

This panel will give an update on progress made under the bilateral agreements between Canada, UK, and US. Representatives of DOE, NDA, NNL, CNL, and AECL will identify benefits to the respective national programs through cooperation. Examples of the collaboration include lessons learned exchange in areas including startup and commissioning of new plant, safe interim storage of reactors and Vertical Pipe Unit/Tile Hole retrieval as well as technology transfer and collaboration in management of problematic (‘orphan’) wastes, innovative D&D technologies and tank waste management. There has also been significant activity in National Laboratory collaboration. 



Panel Report


Panelists with presentations:

UK/US International Partnership
Rodrigo Rimando, US DOE (USA)

UK-US Interactions
Graham Jonsson, UK NDA (United Kingdom)

Panel UK/US/Canada: Partnering Accomplishments and Lessons Learned
Anthony Banford, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom)

Panel 054: UK/ USA/ Canada Partnering – Accomplishments and Tangible Benefits Achieved_BRIAN WILCOX
Brian Wilcox, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (Canada)

Common Issues in Projects Separated by Just an Ocean
Pamela Marks, US DOE (USA); Laurie Judd, Longenecker & Associates (USA); Graham Jonsson, UK NDA (United Kingdom)

SRNL Collaboration with the UK and Canada
Jeff Griffin, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)


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