Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session Panel: Featured Country - United Kingdom: High-level Policy Perspectives on the UKs Nuclear Power and Legacy Management Challenges - 003



Session Co-Chairs:   Larry Camper (USA)
John Mathieson (United Kingdom)
Lead Organizer:   John Mathieson (United Kingdom)
Additional Organizer(s):   Angie Jones (USA)
Graham Jonsson (United Kingdom)
Panel Reporter:   Angie Jones (USA)

This first panel session will provide a high-level overview of the nuclear decommissioning and clean-up challenges in the UK against the backdrop of managing the legacy situation, the existing nuclear programme and the advent of new nuclear build. This panel will discuss the roles of Government policy, NDA strategy, implementation at the site level and the importance of strong but flexible regulation. The special relationship between the US DOE and the UK NDA will also be discussed with particular emphasis on the collaboration between the two Governments on innovative technology development and implementation, operational lessons learned and management approaches.



Panel Report


Panelists with presentations:

Featured Country UK: High-level Policy Perspectives on the UKs Nuclear Power and Legacy Management Challenge
John Clarke, UK NDA (United Kingdom)

Boosting Cleanup Through US-UK Collaboration
Monica Regalbuto, US DOE (USA)

Regulation of decommissioning in the UK
Mina Golshan, Office for Nuclear Regulation (United Kingdom)

Environmental Regulation of Radioactive Wastes in the UK
Juliet Long, UK Environment Agency (United Kingdom)

Paul Howarth, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom)


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