Waste Management Symposia 2015



Session Panel: Hot Topics in US DOE Environmental Management - 002



Session Co-Chairs:   James Gallagher (USA)
Martin Schneider (USA)
Lead Organizer:   Gary Benda (USA)
Additional Organizer(s):   Jim Fiore (USA)
Mark Gilbertson (USA)
Panel Reporter:   Martin Schneider (USA)

This panel focuses on Senior US DOE Managers from Washington, D.C. speaking on the pressing issues facing US DOE EM sites.



Panel Report


Panelists with presentations:

Hot Topics
Frank Marcinowski, US DOE (USA)

EM Budget Challenges
Barton Barnhart, US DOE (USA)

Increasing Employee Engagement To Enhance EM Mission Delivery
Melody Bell, US DOE (USA)

Waste Management, EM-30
Christine Gelles, US DOE (USA)

Waste Management 2016 Hot Topics Panel
Mark Gilbertson, US DOE (USA)

Tank Waste and Nuclear Materials Challenges
Kenneth Picha, US DOE (USA)

Waste Management 2016 Hot Topics Panel
Jack Surash, US DOE EM (USA)


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