We have made it our goal to build a conference that promotes innovation and collaboration around the world. We have accomplished that again this year with nearly 30 countries represented and over 2,000 engineers, scientists, managers and students in attendance. 

Our comprehensive technical program delivered over 450 papers and 137 technical sessions and panels and was complemented by an extensive exhibition. This year, we were especially proud to have Japan as our featured country to detail recent developments and ambitious plans for the future. 

On Thursday, March 9, WMS was proud to present a topical session entitled “International Management of Used Nuclear Fuel: Present and Future” followed by a closing reception that evening. 

This panel addressed the international management of used nuclear fuel focusing upon the various policy, regulatory and technical issues associated with interim storage, deep geologic disposal and/or reprocessing of nuclear fuel. The various applications and plans for management of used nuclear fuel were addressed considering the actions taking place in the United States and other countries, as well as stakeholder perspectives and the potential for the Yucca Mountain application to be active again in the near term. New storage and transportation cask designs were addressed including their implications for consolidated interim storage. Senior Executives were selected as panelists representing world views and giving the audience insights into likely actions in the future from their vast experience. 

In addition, there were featured panels and paper sessions focusing on special topics from our featured sites, the US DOE Hanford Site in Richland, Washington, and the US DOE site in West Valley, New York. There were also special reserved sessions on Used Fuel, D&D, Procurement and Contracting, Safety, Clean-up of Legacy Sites Worldwide, Robotics and IAEA topics. 

Our goal is to continuously improve the conference. If you have ideas on how to improve the technical content or the logistics of the conference, please let us know. 

I would like to thank the WM team for their tireless efforts before and during the conference. Thanks to our sponsors and exhibitors for their contributions that enhanced what we accomplished. We appreciate the WM attendees whose involvement, collaboration, and insights made the conference exciting and meaningful. 

We are a non-profit organization with the mission of supporting education. With your support and participation, we are able to provide numerous scholarships each year to promising young people studying in the waste management field.   

I hope you enjoyed your time at WM2017.



James Fiore
President, WM Symposia

ISBN Number: 978-0-9828171-6-2


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