WM2018 CONFERENCE CALL FOR ABSTRACTS The WM Symposia Conference (WM2018) is the premier international conference for the management of radioactive material and related topics. Since 1974, this conference has been a forum for discussing cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions to the safe management and disposition of radioactive waste and radioactive materials. Topics of interest include research, development and operational experience over the complete spectrum of nuclear waste activities; which are categorized by tracks listed below. In addition, there will be featured panel and paper sessions focusing on special topics such as our featured theme, “Nuclear and Industrial Robotics, Remote Systems and Other Emerging Technologies”. Our featured site is the US DOE site in Los Alamos, NM. There will also be special reserved sessions on the Used Fuel, D&D, Procurement and Contracting, Safety, Clean-up of Legacy Sites Worldwide, and NRC/DoD topics. The complete detailed WM2018 Topic Listing is available at www.wmsym.org. THE TEN TRACKS ARE: Track 1 Crosscutting Policies and Programs (CPP) Track 2 High-Level Radioactive Wastes, Spent Nuclear Fuel/Used Nuclear Fuel (SNF/UNF) and Long-Lived Alpha/Transuranic Radioactive Waste (HLW) Track 3 Low-Level, Intermediate Level, Mixed Waste, NORM, & TENORM (LLW) Track 4 Nuclear Power Plant Waste and On-Site SNF/UNF Management (NPP) Track 5 Packaging and Transportation (PAT) Track 6 Decontamination & Decommissioning (D&D) Track 7 Environmental Remediation (ER) Track 8 Communications, Education and Training (CE&T) Track 9 Special Topics Including Safety, Security, & Safeguards (ST) Track 10 Miscellaneous: Unassigned & Late Abstracts, Non-Paper Posters (MISC) How to submit an Abstract for consideration: To submit an abstract, you must select the topic from the list of Tracks and Topic Numbers listed in this document that best corresponds to your abstract. Authors unsure of the best topic number can assign their abstract to Track 10, where it will be reviewed and reassigned. Questions can also be answered by the volunteers listed in this document. Please note that WMS and the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) have the authority to reassign an abstract if an appropriate topic number is not selected. Abstracts should be between 400 - 800 words. Abstracts are to be submitted online at www.wmsym.org by August 11, 2017 with the following information: 1) A descriptive title that will reflect the paper and presentation content – 100-character limit. 2) A summary of the problem it addresses/solves, its history, the work conducted and the results. 3) A brief description of its application/benefit to others. 4) Contact information for all authors including mailing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. The primary contact will be responsible for submitting the abstract, draft paper, final paper and copyright forms for all authors. This primary contact will receive all email correspondence related to the abstract/paper and the conference. The primary contact may or may not be an author. The presenter, however, must be identified. Abstract submission for oral presentations is limited to two (2) abstracts per presenter. There is no limit on the number of abstracts one person can co-author. Registrants will be restricted to only presenting twice at the conference. To attend the conference, all authors, presenters and panelists are required to register and complete payment. Upon submission, abstracts are reviewed and ranked by PAC volunteers and approved abstracts are selected for an oral or poster session. The criteria for determining conference placement is designed to ensure that each abstract is ranked and assigned to the best Track/ Session for its content, format and anticipated audience interaction. Abstract rating criteria is posted on the WMS website as a guide under the “Technical Program – Resources & Forms” page. Abstracts submitted after the due date or not meeting the acceptance criteria may not be approved for WM2018. Nuclear and Industrial Robotics, Remote System and Other Emerging Technolgies Presented by WM Symposia, Inc. (WMS) March 18–22, 2018 Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona www.wmsym.org +1 480-557-0263 Once the conference sessions are finalized, the primary contact for each abstract is notified. Authors receiving approval must complete and submit a draft paper for review by November 10, 2017. If requested, papers must be revised according to the designated paper reviewer’s instructions and submitted with all signed copyright forms by January 12, 2018. Papers that are not revised as required by the designated paper reviewer, missing copyright forms from any author, or not presented at the WM2018 conference will not be published on the final conference proceedings. Letter of Invitation / Visa Requests Should you require a Letter of Invitation to apply for a travel visa, please complete and return the form located under the Register - Rates & Information menu option on our website by November 10, 2017. Requests for Financial Aid WMS offers a limited number of attendees a discounted registration rate and/or housing support for the conference. To request financial aid to participate as a Presenter/Author at WM2018, please complete and return the Financial Aid Request Form located under the Register - Rates & Information menu option on our website by the November 10, 2017 deadline. All deadlines for authors must be met to be eligible for financial aid. Please note that WM Symposia does not offer financial aid for travel costs. Student Poster Competition Full-time students under the age of 35, enrolled in secondary educational programs in technical or policy fields with the objective of contributing to the safe management of nuclear materials are eligible for the Student Poster Competition. The student poster session will be presented on Monday, March 19, 2018; posters will remain on display throughout the conference. The winner will be announced and presented with $500 cash at the Honors & Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Student poster abstracts consist of a 50-word summary of their work. Abstracts are to be submitted online at www.wmsym.org by January 12, 2018. Students participating in the Student Poster Competition may be eligible for complimentary conference housing for up to five nights. Requests must be made by January 5, 2018. After this date, room availability cannot be guaranteed.