Session 130 - Operating Experience in the Treatment and Storage of LLW/ILW a Global Perspective

Session Co-Chairs:  
Gabriele Bandt (Germany)
J. Scott Kirk (USA)
Lead Organizer:  
Kapila Fernando (Australia)
Add'l Organizer(s):  
Gabriele Bandt (Germany)
Christine Langton (USA)
Paper Reviewer:  
Kapila Fernando (Australia)




Paper Title


Achieving Leak Tightness in New Savannah River Site Saltstone Disposal Units - 17454
Charles Keilers, Savannah River Remediation (USA)


Radioactive Waste Management in a Treatability and Optimisation Perspective - 17527
Gregor Krause, Cyclife Sweden AB (Germany); Arne Larsson, Cyclife Sweden AB (Sweden); Maria Lindberg, Cyclife Sweden AB (Sweden); Jean-François Rives, SOCODEI (France); Jérémy Buttin, EDF (France)


The Legacy of Taiwan Lanyu LLW Interim Storage Site - 17491
Hongnian Jow, Jow International (USA)


Prospects and Challenges in the Management of Non-Retrievable Radioactive Waste in the Russian Federation - 17212
Andrey Samoylov, Nuclear Safety Institute (Russian Federation); Sergey Utkin, Nuclear Safety Institute (Russian Federation); Igor Linge, Nuclear Safety Institute (Russia); Marina Vedernikova, Nuclear Safety Institute (Russian Federation); Mikhail Savkin, Nuclear Safety Institute (Russian Federation); Alexender Dorofeev, Rosatom (Russian Federation); Alexander Abramov, ROSATOM State Atomic Energy Corporation (Russian Federation)


Tritium Recovery From Mixed Waste - 17004
Robert Shmayda, NSSI Source and Services, Inc. (USA); John Cruz, NSSI Source and Services, Inc. (USA); Walter Shmayda, (USA)


Modular Caustic-Side Solvent Extraction Unit (MCU) Improved Solvent Quality and Processing Results - 17496
Christina Santos, Savannah River Remediation (USA); Annah Garrison, Savannah River Remediation (USA); Phoebe Fogelman, Savannah River Remediation (USA)


Current Problems and Solutions for the Long-term Storage of LLW in Germany - 17512
Joerg Markhoefer, Ministry of Environment & Climate Protection of Lower Saxony (Germany); Joachim Bluth, Ministry of Environment & Climate Protection of Lower Saxony (Germany)


Opportunities and Limits of Decay Storage Based on Dismantled Materials in Nuclear Power Plants - 17650
Tim Thomas, Safetec GmbH (Germany); Olaf Kittel, Safetec GmbH (Germany); Daniel Blumentritt, Safetec GmbH (Germany)