Session 107 - Robotics and Remote Systems - Nuclear Environments: S/W & OS, Sensors & Key Drivers - (4/5)

Session Co-Chairs:  
Wendell Chun (USA)
William Whittaker (USA)
Lead Organizer:  
Wendell Chun (USA)
Paper Reviewer:  
Kim Auclair (USA)




Paper Title


Overview of the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute DOE Traineeship in Environmental Management - 17493
William Whittaker, Carnegie Mellon University (USA); Nathan Michael, Carnegie Mellon University (USA); Martial Hebert, Carnegie Mellon University (USA)


ROS-DOE: Leveraging Open Source Robotics Software for the DOE-EM Mission - 17181
Mitch Pryor, University of Texas - Austin (USA); Paul Hvass, SwRI (USA); Paul Wood, SwRI (USA)


The Future of Robotics/Remote Handling Solutions for the Nuclear Industry - 17347
Marc Rood, Veolia Nuclear Solutions (USA)


Advanced Teleoperation and Shared Autonomy for Nuclearized Robotic Systems - 17333
Geoffrey Hollinger, Oregon State University (USA); Camille Palmer, Oregon State University (USA); Todd Palmer, Oregon State University (USA); William Smart, Oregon State University (USA)


Telerobotics Requirements for Remote Handling in Nuclear Facilities - 17538
Manuel Ferre, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain); Sofia Coloma, Centre for Automation and Robotics UPM-CSIC (Spain); Jose Breñosa, Centre for Automation and Robotics UPM-CSIC (Spain); Luis Rubio, Centre for Automation and Robotics UPM-CSIC (Spain)