Session 103 - Key Aspects of D&D of Nuclear Power Plants - Worldwide

Session Co-Chairs:  
Jas Devgun (USA)
Fred Sheil (United Kingdom)
Lead Organizer:  
Jas Devgun (USA)
Add'l Organizer(s):  
Al Freitag (USA)
Bernard Poncet (France)
Michael Snyder (USA)
Paper Reviewer:  
Jas Devgun (USA)




Paper Title


International Developments on Uncertainties in NPP Decommissioning Costs and Planned Work on Benchmarking at the OECD-NEA - 17074
Simon Carroll, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) (Sweden)


EPRI Report: Guidance in the Use of Robotics and Automation for Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants - 17440
Richard Reid, EPRI (USA); Richard McGrath, EPRI (USA); Phung Tran, EPRI (USA)


Use of Nuclear Divers in Decommissioning of Spent Fuel Pools/Ponds in the United Kingdom - 17431
Allen Neiling, Fluor Corporation (United Kingdom)


Strategic Aspects on Waste Management in Decommissioning - 17224
Arne Larsson, Cyclife Sweden AB (Sweden); Gunnar Hedin, Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB (Sweden); Niklas Bergh, Westinghouse Electric AB (Sweden); Per Lidar, Studsvik Consulting AB (Sweden); Thom Rannemalm, OKG AB (Sweden); Sofia Eliasson, OKG AB (Sweden)


Vattenfall Decommissioning Planning in Sweden - 17544
Gunnar Wikmark, Vattenfall AB (Sweden); Lars Bjornkvist, Ringhals AB (Sweden); Veronica Wejander, Vattenfall AB (Sweden); Magnus Reinsjö, Ringhals AB (Sweden); Henrik Stridsman, Vattenfall AB (Sweden)


Upfront Update on Barsebäck 1-2 Reactor Internals Segmentation Project - 17382
Joseph Boucau, Westinghouse Electric Company (Belgium); Per Segerud, Westinghouse Electric Company (Sweden); Stefan Fallstrom, Westinghouse Electric Company (Sweden)