Session 082 - WM2017 Select Papers of Featured Country - Japan-(8/8)

Session Co-Chairs:  
Mamoru Numata (Japan)
Andrew Szilagyi (USA)
Lead Organizer:  
Jeannette Hyatt (USA)
Add'l Organizer(s):  
John Mathieson (United Kingdom)
Mamoru Numata (Japan)
Kazuhiro Suzuki (Japan)
Paper Reviewer:  
Paul Dickman (USA)




Paper Title


Access Hatch Used for Debris Retrieval of the Fukushima Damaged Reactors - 17094
Tsukasa Nakane, IHI Corporation (Japan); Kengo Suzuki, IHI Corporation (Japan); Akira Sasaki, IHI Corporation (Japan)


NitroJet’s Basic Characteristics and Decontamination Performance for Concrete Scabbling - 17025
Tomoko Yamamoto, IHI Corporation (Japan); Akito Yamasaki, IHI Corporation (Japan); Jun Maeno, IHI Corporation (Japan); Yuichi Takahama, IHI Corporation (Japan)


Water Sealing with NOH2O on the Fukushima Site - 17477
Bradley Bowan, Atkins (USA); Richard Martin, Atkins (USA); Marty Gardner, EnergySolutions (USA); Deon Van Dyk, Sovereign Hydro (USA); Nico Grobler, Sovereign Hydro (USA); Masaki Jimba, IHI Corporation (Japan); Hiroshi Masaki, Toshiba Co. (Japan)


Side Access Procedure for Debris Retrieval of the Fukushima Damaged Reactors - 17127
Yuichi Takahama, IHI Corporation (Japan); Manabu Kishimoto, IHI Corporation (Japan); Hiroshi Takasugi, DAIICHI-Cutter Kogyo Corporation (Japan)


Performance of Zeolite, Silicotitanate, CsTreat® and SrTreat® Ion Exchange Materials in Fukushima Clean-up - 17114
Risto Koivula, University of Helsinki (Finland); Risto Harjula, University of Helsinki (Finland); Esko Tusa, (Finland)