Session 068 - Plans for and Experience in Transitioning From Operations to Decommissioning

Session Co-Chairs:  
Al Freitag (USA)
Maria Lindberg (Sweden)
Lead Organizer:  
Al Freitag (USA)
Add'l Organizer(s):  
Rateb (Boby) Abu Eid (USA)
Maria Lindberg (Sweden)
Michael Snyder (USA)
Paper Reviewer:  
Al Freitag (USA)




Paper Title


EPRI Guidance for Transitioning from Operation to Decommissioning at Nuclear Power Plants - 17438
Richard Reid, EPRI (USA); Richard McGrath, EPRI (USA); Phung Tran, EPRI (USA)


Radioactive Contamination Tenacity on Building Substrate - 17417
Rick Demmer, Idaho National Laboratory (USA); Colin Boxall, Lancaster University (United Kingdom)


Deployment of Diamond-Based Radiation Detector for Very High Dose Rate Measurements - 17042
Chris Hutson, University of Bristol (United Kingdom); Liam Payne, University of Bristol (United Kingdom); Thomas Scott, University of Bristol (United Kingdom); Alex Jenkins, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)


Estimation of Decommissioning Quantity Based on a 3D Intelligent Model - 17075
Hiroshi Seki, Hitachi, Ltd. Research & Development Group (Japan); Mitsukta Imamura, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd. (Japan); Takashi Kitahara, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd. (Japan); Atsuko Enomoto, Hitachi, Ltd. (Japan)


Improving Decommissioning Success using the Tool of Virtual Reality; Increasing Worker Safety and Project Schedule Stability - 17193
Hubert Hafen, Wälischmiller Engineering GmbH (Germany); Jean-Michel Wagner, Wälischmiller Engineering GmbH (Germany); Wolfgang Metzger, Kerntechnische Entsorgung Karlsruhe GmbH (Germany)


Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC Excess Facility Disposition Program - 17289
Ken Harrawood, Consolidated Nuclear Security (USA); Durand Carmany, Consolidated Nuclear Security/Y-12 (USA); Jim Blair, Consolidated Nuclear Security/Y-12 (USA); Kevin Lancaster, Consolidated Nuclear Security/Y-12 (USA); Dirk Van Hoesen, Strata-G (USA); Rebecca Rogers, Strata-G (USA)