Session 052C - LLW/ILW Solidification & Macro-Encapsulation

Session Co-Chairs:  
Christine Langton (USA)
Erich Tiepel (USA)
Lead Organizer:  
Frazier Bronson (USA)
Paper Reviewer:  
Christine Langton (USA)




Paper Title


Geopolymer Solidification of Intermediate Level Waste - 17078
Kanae Matsuyama, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Hirofumi Okabe, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Chiaki Shimoda, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Shinya Miyamoto, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Masaaki Kaneko, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Michitaka Saso, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Masumitsu Toyohara, Toshiba Co. (Japan)


Proven Technologies for the Solidification of Liquid Radwaste: Global Case Studies of Applications and Disposal Options - 17084
Dennis Kelley, Pacific Nuclear Solutions (USA); Artem Gelis, Argonne National Laboratory (USA)


Immobilization in Cement of Rice Husk used as Biosorbent of Radionuclides Present in Radioactive Liquid Waste - 17225
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Eduardo Ferreira, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute (Brazil); Júlio Takehiro Marumo, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute (Brazil); Rafael Vicente de Pádua Ferreira, Itatijuca Biotech (Brazil)


Solid Secondary Waste Form Testing Activities for the Integrated Disposal Facility Performance Assessment Support - 17567
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David J Swanberg, (USA); Elvie Brown, Washington River Protection Solutions (USA); Ralph Nichols, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA); Roger Seitz, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)