Session 052B - Waste Characterization and Measurements of LLW/ILW

Session Co-Chairs:  
Christine Langton (USA)
Erich Tiepel (USA)
Lead Organizer:  
Frazier Bronson (USA)
Paper Reviewer:  
Felix Himmerkus (Germany)




Paper Title


Effect of Natural Organic Matter on Radionuclide Partitioning in Nuclear Fuel Storage Ponds - 17136
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Hollie Ashworth, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Sarah Heath, University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Nick Bryan, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Liam Abrahamsen, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Simon Kellet, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)


Estimation of Cs Migration Under an Unsaturated Condition by Parallel-plate Experiments and 2D Advection-dispersion Model - 17188
Takumi Nemoto, Tohoku University (Japan); Yuichi Niibori, Tohoku University (Japan); Taiji Chida, Tohoku University (Japan); Takenori Ozutsumi, Tohoku University (Japan)


Safe Packaging of Chemically Reactive Radioactive Waste Addressing the Data Needs - 17487
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James Burelbach, Fauske & Associates, LLC (USA); Elizabeth Raines, Fauske & Associates, LLC (USA); Martin Plys, Fauske & Associates, LLC (USA)


Self-Absorption Corrections for Plutonium Measurements with the Tomographic Gamma Scanner - 17325
John Kirkpatrick, Canberra Industries (USA); Dante Nakazawa, Canberra Industries (USA); Patricia McClay, Canberra Industries Inc - AREVA Group (USA); David Petroka, Canberra Industries Inc - AREVA Group (USA); Marcel Villani, Mirion Technologies (Canberra) (USA); Xavier Ducoux, Mirion Technologies (Canberra) SAS (France); Sasha Philips, Canberra Industries (USA); Susan Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA); Lionel Tondut, AREVA NC LaHague (France); Babatunde Oginni, Mirion (Canberra Industries) (USA)


Streamlining and Transparently Automating Complex Waste Determinations at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LA-UR-16-26220) - 17286
Nita P Patel, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA); Stanislaw Marczak, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA); Sean Sandborgh, Locus Technologies (USA)


Validation Testing of Radioactive Cesium Measurement in Decontaminated Waste with the Scattering Gamma Equivalent Method - 17238
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Shinichi Nakayama, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan); Atsuo Suzuki, Mirion Technologies (Canberra) K.K. (Japan); Yuu Ishimori, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan); Kaoru Yokoyama, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan)


Development of Estimation Method of Radioactivity Concentration Distribution of Radioactive Wastes in a Box-shaped Container - 17034
Yasushi Nagumo, Hitachi, Ltd. Research & Development Group (Japan); Takahiro Tadokoro, Hitachi, Ltd. Research & Development Group (Japan); Yuichiro Ueno, Hitachi, Ltd. Research & Development Group (Japan); Toshihisa Tsukiyama, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd. (Japan); Hideki Yamai, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd. (Japan); Takashi Kitahara, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd. (Japan)


Radon Vapor Intrusion Screening Level Calculator - 17041
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Stuart Walker, US EPA (USA); Fred Dolislager, University of Tennessee (USA); Leslie Galloway, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)


Evaluation and Interpretation of Properties for Saltstone Cores Extracted from an SDU - 17344
Kent Rosenberger, Savannah River Remediation (USA); Steven Simner, Savannah River Remediation (USA); Marissa Reigel, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)


The Micro-Optical Ring Electrode: A Sensor for Multiple Actinide Ions Monitoring - 17586
Gary Linnett, Lancaster University (United Kingdom); Fabrice Andrieux, Engineering (United Kingdom); Nick Atherton, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom); Xavier Poteau, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)