Session 052A - LLW, TENORM, NORM Treatment Technologies

Session Co-Chairs:  
Christine Langton (USA)
Erich Tiepel (USA)
Lead Organizer:  
Frazier Bronson (USA)
Paper Reviewer:  
Erich Tiepel (USA)




Paper Title


Development of Microwave Technology for TENORM Waste Treatment - 17377
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Roberto Vicente, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute (Brazil); Ricardo Naufel Toledo, Alliance Ambiental (Brazil); Ricardo Rezende, Alliance Ambiental (Brazil); José Claudio Dellamano, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute (Brazil); Júlio Takehiro Marumo, Nuclear & Energy Research Institute (Brazil)


Studies on Oxidation Treatment of Spent Ion Exchange Resin (2) - 17330
Toshiaki Sugimori, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Seiichi Murayama, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Yumi Yaita, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Shinya Miyamoto, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Yu Yamashita, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Masaaki Kaneko, Toshiba Co. (Japan); Masumitsu Toyohara, Toshiba Co. (Japan)