Session 051 - Robotics and Remote Systems - Nuclear Environments: Hardware - Next Gen Systems-(2/5)

Session Co-Chairs:  
Jake Deuel (USA)
Tracy Wilbur (USA)
Lead Organizer:  
Jake Deuel (USA)
Paper Reviewer:  
Kim Auclair (USA)




Paper Title


Automation Toward Tetherless Robotic Operations in Nuclear Facilities - 17474
William Whittaker, Carnegie Mellon University (USA); Heather Jones, Carnegie Mellon University (USA); Sebastian Scherer, Carnegie Mellon University (USA); Joseph Bartels, Carnegie Mellon University (USA); Warren Whittaker, Carnegie Mellon University (USA); Matthew Hanczor, Carnegie Mellon University (USA); Michael Lee, Carnegie Mellon University (USA); Weikun Zhen, Carnegie Mellon University (USA)


Human-Centered Exoskeleton: Upper Extremity Strength Augmentation in Occupational Settings - 17297
Donald Peterson, Texas A&M University - Texarkana (USA); Simon Kudernatsch, Texas A&M University - Texarkana (USA); Takafumi Asaki, Texas A&M University - Texarkana (USA)


Robotic Grasp Assistance for Decontamination and Decommissioning Tasks Initial Applications with RoboGlove - 17310
Joshua Mehling, NASA - Johnson Space Center (USA); Jonathan Rogers, NASA - Johnson Space Center (USA); Christopher Beck, NASA - Johnson Space Center (USA)


Wearable Robots for Worker Assistance - 17464
Thomas Sugar, Arizona State University (USA); Sangram Redkar, Arizona State University (USA); Joseph Hitt, GoXtudio, LLC (USA)


Towards Cooperative Control of Humanoid Robots for Handling High-Consequence Materials in Gloveboxes - 17291
Taskin Padir, Northeastern University (USA); Holly Yanco, University of Massachusetts Lowell (USA); Robert Platt, Northeastern University (USA)


High Dexterity Robotics for Safety and Emergency Response - 17104
Jared Wormley, Johns Hopkins APL (USA); Michael McLoughlin, Johns Hopkins APL (USA); Reed Young, Johns Hopkins APL (USA); David Handelman, Johns Hopkins University APL (USA); Rodrigo Rimando, US DOE (USA); Matthew Johannes, Johns Hopkins APL (USA); Christopher Dohopolski, Johns Hopkins APL (USA)


Ensuring NQA-1 Compliance with Nuclear Next Gen Technologies Performing a Safety Function Associated with Autonomy or Remote Systems - 17549
Teo Grochowski, Dedicated Nuclear Solutions - AECOM (USA)