Session 046 - Emerging Technologies for LLW/ILW Worldwide

Session Co-Chairs:  
Kapila Fernando (Australia)
Felix Himmerkus (Germany)
Lead Organizer:  
Colleen Owens (USA)
Add'l Organizer(s):  
Felix Himmerkus (Germany)
Patricia Suggs (USA)
Paper Reviewer:  
Felix Himmerkus (Germany)




Paper Title


Treatment of Magnesium-Thorium Alloy Used in Military Defense Equipment by Separation of Thorium and/or Thermal Oxidation - 17009
Carl Ísterberg, Studsvik Consulting AB (Sweden)


The Innovative Universal Separation Process (USEP) for Disposal of Mixed Liquid Waste Via Unconditional Clearance Approach - 17570
Sriram Suryanarayan, Kinectrics Inc. (Canada); Jude Gomez, Kinectrics Inc. (Canada); Blair Sim, Kinectrics Inc. (Canada)


Treatment of Radioactive Sludge from Waste Water Treatment for Weight and Volume Reduction with FreezeTec-technique. - 17010
Carl Ísterberg, Studsvik Consulting AB (Sweden); Jens Eriksson, Studsvik Nuclear AB (Sweden)


Hanford WTP LAW Melter Startup and Tuning Feed Development - 17065
Keith Witwer, AECOM (USA); Dewey Burbank, AECOM (USA); Lawrence Petkus, AECOM (USA); Ross Hamlett, URS Corporation (USA); Stephan Moen, AECOM (USA)