Session 045 - US DOE and UK HLW Tank Farm Properties

Session Co-Chairs:  
Kent Fortenberry (USA)
Keith Miller (United Kingdom)
Lead Organizer:  
Bill Wilmarth (USA)
Paper Reviewer:  
Marissa Reigel (USA)




Paper Title


Recent Progress in the Understanding of UK Highly Active Liquor Chemistry and Properties - 17144
Steven Thomson, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Tracy Ward, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Barbara Dunnett, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Rachel Roberts, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Jonathan Cheeswright, Sellafield Ltd. (United Kingdom)


Estimating the Rate of Solids Accumulation in Double Shell Tanks - 17093
Chase Groves, Washington River Protection Solutions (USA)


Commissioning of a GeoMelt Vitrification Plant at the Central Laboratory on the Sellafield Site - 17561
Michael Moulin-Ramsden, Veolia Nuclear Solutions (United Kingdom); Brett Campbell, Veolia Nuclear Solutions (USA); Eric Dysland, (USA); Kevin Finucane, Kurion, Inc. (USA); Severin Hatt, Kurion Veolia (USA); Charlie Scales, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Steve Woosley, Kurion, Inc. (USA); Julian Roe, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom)


Novel Glass Formulations for Post Operational Clean out of Highly Active Storage Tanks - 17596
Hannah Paterson, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom); Michael Ingrams, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)