Session 025 - Innovations and Performance Solutions to Workplace Management

Session Co-Chairs:  
Andrew Fellinger (USA)
Laurie Ford (USA)
Lead Organizer:  
Welford Goldston (USA)
Add'l Organizer(s):  
Andrew Fellinger (USA)
Laurie Ford (USA)
Paper Reviewer:  
Laurie Ford (USA)




Paper Title


Blood, Sweat and Tears (of Joy): Lessons From an Unlikely Entrepreneur - 17499
Kelly Black, Neptune and Company, Inc. (USA)


Implementation of Lessons Learned - 17406
John McCann, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA); Paul Schumann, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA); Mark Haagenstad, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA); Shanon Goldberg, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA); Lorrie Bonds Lopez, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)


Savannah River National Laboratory Collaborative Innovation Pilot Team - 17560
Andrew Fellinger, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA); Sheryl Ross Bush, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)


Savannah River Remediation Liquid Waste Operations Making the Workplace Safer - Lean and HPI Initiatives - 17244
Laurene Rowell, Savannah River Remediation (USA); Robert Gray, Savannah River Remediation (USA); Patricia Allen, Savannah River Remediation (USA)


Strengthening How Teams and Organizations Work Together - 17014
Laurel Boucher, The Laurel Co (USA)


Web-Based Learning as a Tool for Public Education and Outreach - 17503
Colleen Brent, Hunter College and The Graduate Center at the City University of New York (USA); Andrew Wilcox, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (USA); Margaret MacDonell, Argonne National Laboratory (USA); William Nutt, Argonne National Laboratory (USA)


Value of Integrated Risk and Issue Management - 17516
William Jackson, Success Staging International, LLC (USA); Edgar Zimmerman, Success Staging International, LLC (USA)