Session 012 - Radiological Dispersion Devices and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Detection, Response, and Recovery

Session Co-Chairs:  
Kim Auclair (USA)
Kenneth Sanders (USA)
Lead Organizer:  
Kim Auclair (USA)
Paper Reviewer:  
Kim Auclair (USA)




Paper Title


A Multiscale Bayesian Data Integration Approach for Mapping Air Dose Rates around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant - 17166
Haruko Wainwright, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA); Akiyuki Seki, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan); Jinsong Chen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA); Kimiaki Saito, (Japan)


Integrated Wash-Aid, Treatment, and Emergency Reuse System (IWATERS) for Strontium Contaminations - 17390
Michael Kaminski, Argonne National Laboratory (USA); Nadia Kivenas, Argonne National Laboratory (USA); Christopher Oster, Argonne National Laboratory (USA); William Jolin, Argonne National Laboratory (USA); Matthew Magnuson, US EPA (USA); Katherine Hepler, University of Illinois (USA)


The Future of EPA’s Waste Estimation Support Tool - 17227
Timothy Boe, US EPA (USA); Paul Lemieux, US EPA (USA); Daniel Schultheisz, US EPA (USA); Thomas Peake, US EPA (USA); Colin Hayes, Eastern Research Group, Inc. (USA)


Field Implementation of Nuclear Safeguards: ENEA’ s Capability Projection - 17174
Alessandro Dodaro, Nucleco (Italy); Giorgio Giorgiantoni, ENEA (Italy); Nadia Cherubini, ENEA (Italy); Alfonso Compagno, ENEA (Italy); Giuseppe A. Marzo, ENEA (Italy)