Session 011 - Sustainable Remediation Processes - Global Insights or Applications

Session Co-Chairs:  
Mary McDermott (USA)
Susan A Walter (USA)
Lead Organizer:  
Susan A Walter (USA)
Add'l Organizer(s):  
Lori Fritz (USA)
Moses Jaraysi (USA)
Nelson Walter (USA)
Paper Reviewer:  
Susan A Walter (USA)




Paper Title


Addressing Technical and Policy Challenges for Remediation of Metals and Radionuclides within Complex Vadose Zone Environments - 17028
Dawn Wellman, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Michael Truex, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)


Sustainability Index for Comparison of Environmental Remediation Technologies - 17492
Alexandra Kramer, US DOE (USA); Sarah Bird, Applied Research Center - FIU (USA); Alexis Smoot, Applied Research Center - FIU (USA)


Removal of U(VI) in the Alkaline Conditions Created by NH3 Gas - 17288
Yelena Katsenovich, Applied Research Center - FIU (USA); Claudia Cardona, Florida International University (USA); Jim Szecsody, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA); Leonel Lagos, Applied Research Center - FIU (USA)


Chemistry and Engineering Aspects of the Application of Soluble Phosphates for Uranium Treatment in Groundwater - 17255
Richard Murphy, ARCADIS US, Inc. (USA); Jeff Gillow, ARCADIS US, Inc. (USA); Patsy Moran, ARCADIS US, Inc. (USA); Shannon Ulrich, ARCADIS US, Inc. (USA); Lisa Weidemann, ARCADIS US, Inc. (USA); Mike Hay, ARCADIS US, Inc. (USA); Margaret Gentile, ARCADIS US, Inc. (USA)